Return of the Taliban: What lies ahead?

Return of the Taliban: What lies ahead?
20 Jul 2008, 0000 hrs IST, Shobhan Saxena,TNN

Like a bad dream, the gory images have come back to haunt the land of famished fields and parched valleys veiled in dense layers of dust. Just about when the picture of a woman — covered from head to toe in a blue burqa with a narrow screen in front of her stony eyes — shot in the back of her head was turning grainy, the nightmare revisited Ghazni city last week.

Two women, wrapped in blue, were asked to kneel on the ground. And then a few fierce-looking men, with hate dripping from their eyes, nudged the women's bowed heads with the tip of their AKs, and pressed the trigger. As blood flowed into a sandy gulch, a few hapless Afghans watched the lifeless corpses — 'punished' for allegedly running a sex racket, wondering if the spectre of terror would ever leave their nation alone.
An interesting link
And you think the recent bombing of their embassy was not a shot across their bows?
Paks new prem say's no to allied ops in NWFP today...

Erstwhile there's running battles between breakaway factions and FF Talib shite hocks in suspect pash breakaway regions.

Furthermore, Iran's Vice President is putting out subliminals that Isreal & the US are actually their allies, while we negotiate them back into "drinking from the posioned chalice". Iran could still if played right turn up for an assist... wierd I know, but we did kick their fcukin teeth in, in Barsa.

India remain one Ace up the sleve when it's a case of break glass in case of class 1 cluster fcuk, thus yonder shot across the bow should be viewed as, "yeah... and what's the grid ref of your village pls?"

They're fcuked, they all are and what's more they know it, fcukin Talib mongering mongs... we'll drop COIN's in their slots all day until they learn to get with the game plan.

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