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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Maple, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. It seems or Canadian friends have given up on the tri-service experiment that was The Canadian Armed Forces/Forces armées Canadiennes and are reintroducing the RCAF, RCN and Canadian Army.

    At last, a political inspired bastard liberal love-child of the 1960s killed off. There is many a RCAF veteran whose day has been brightened up by this news.

    Yes, the future is purple but three branches bringing their specialisations to the table has to be better than a 'one size fits all' bunch of career minded generalists.
  2. No they haven't. The Tri Service thing the Canadians brought in just got rid of silly wiggles and lines that the Navy and Air Force sprout. Basically they got rid of words like "Commodore, Rear Admiral, Roger the Cabin Boy and Chief Petty Officer" which made the Canadian Maritime Command sound like "Talk like a Pirate Day". They replaced them with proper words like "Regimental Sergeant Major, Colonel and General". Since 1985 there were still separate units of the Canadian Army, Canadian Forces Maritime Command - Colonial for "Navy" and an Air Command. They still had separate uniforms, its just they had a Joint Headquarters a bit earlier than we did and Mag to Grid a few duplications amongst thosae wearing Gold Braid and flags on their cars. An Idea that could perhaps be used by our own Armed Forces? Sorry Wing Commander Bufty "Debagger" Brown - you're a Major now.

    Granted the Cannucks have brought back the prefix Royal and gone Back to Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force etc- which is all quite correct. Now they sound like Canadians with Canadian History, not Americans in Cadpat. But this changes the structure of the Canadian Armed forces not a jot.

    Conservatives to restore ‘royal’ moniker to Canada’s navy, air force - The Globe and Mail
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    It's not about changing the structure but surely about honouring those who made their services what they became. In 1945 the RCN was the third largest navy in the world. And Canada's massive contribution to Freedom's War was made without recourse to conscription. Welcome back!
  4. Not quite correct. Since the 60s they have had one medical branch, one intelligence branch, one logistics branch, one EME branch etc and that hasn't change nor is it likely to. Basic training is done at a "tri-service" establishment with instructors from all three environments. Far more integration than the UK's armed forces have even now. For quite a while everyone wore the same green service dress- Maritime Command and Air Command got their own "distinctive environment uniforms" in about 1985. MARCOM (now RCN ) reverted to naval ranks as early as the '70s but AIRCOM (now RCAF) still uses army-style officer ranks. The term "Canadian Army" is also apparently going to be used again having not been in official use since 1968- Force Mobile Command was the de facto land HQ until it became Land Forces Command in the '80s.

  5. Prevert…………
  6. "The Harper government has promised major events next year to commemorate the War of 1812."

    As it was an Anglo-Canadian force that won, I am booking my tickets now. I wonder what the major event will be? Burning down the White House AGAIN.