Return of the Pink Panther?

Seems our Balkan 'friends' might be active again. Having been to the Green Vault not long after it reopened, to lose what's in there is truly sad, as the artworks are so well documented that they could only disappear into a private vault, or be destroyed and sold as component parts. Much more than a cabinet of curiosities, it was a cabinet of wonders.

'Audacious thieves have stolen what could be the world’s biggest heist after grabbing treasure worth more than an estimated $A1.5 billion from one of the world’s oldest museums, said to be as “secure as Fort Knox”. The Gruenes Gewoelbe (Green Vault) in Dresden, Germany, was targeted by crooks who broke into the building in the early hours of the morning.

'This latest heist calls to mind the notorious Pink Panther gang who are behind several of Europe’s most daring heists. Hailing from Eastern Europe, the network of criminals has stolen more than $A500 million during highly-planned jobs for more than 30 years. The crime syndicate is made up of around 200 criminals who made their name hiding a giant diamond in a pot of skin cream during an audacious 2003 raid in London. Made up mostly of Serbians and Montenegrins, the gang has struck all around the world – including cities such as Cannes, Singapore, Dubai and Tokyo.'

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Nothing to do with the film then? Although having just heard this on the news they did say that the security team watched it on video but since they are no longer armed there was nothing much else to be done but call the cops.

I would imagine the jewels are gone forever, as you say either in some 'art lover's' vaults for private gloating or cut about to resurface as new jewellery.

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