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Poor old Africa. Civil wars; drought; slave-trading; starvation; corruption; chaos and confusion and amidst all this, a failed, hapless, dysfunctional, self obsessed, socially inept, dogma driven, innumerate oaf appears in the continent.

Who is paying for Brown to go to Kampala? How much does the inevitable police retinue accompanying him cost?

No wonder we rarely see a policeman on our streets they are all employed surrounding the useless twerps Bliar and Brown from their masses of adoring fans and admirers!
Just what Africa needs: another unelected, dictatorial, bizarre prick. He should meet Mugabe not Mandela, I'm sure they'd get on like a house on fire.
Not very popular with the "Labour insiders" who were stupid enough to invite him as Guest of H.... OK as a guest to their wedding.

"Defeated Labour candidate for Sherwood, Emilie Oldknow, and her groom, the former Brown bunker insider deputy political secretary at Number 10, Jonathan Ashworth, invited Sarah and Gordon Brown to their recent wedding."

"What the smiley pictures didn’t reveal was that guest-of-honour Gordon was two hours late for the Derbyshire ceremony. Instead of proceeding without him, the entire proceedings were put on hold until the tardy Browns had finished faffing around at their hotel. Other weddings were backed up in the queue and guests arriving for the evening event at plush Breadsall Priory country estate found that the wedding banquet had still not finished. The coup de grace came when the Browns decided to leave early."

Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy

Yes, whilst former US President Gerald Ford was famously described as being capable of fcuking up a two car funeral, Gordon Brown really did fcuk up a two car wedding.
Sorry AM,thats not really helping.Any other clues as to what this person does for a living?
Sucks blankets, throws Nokias in a tantrum and hangs around small children when he does come out to play on the rare occassions he does.
well the good thing being the tosser can't make pledges to spunk our tax money away now he's not got the keys to the sweetie shop. Cameron would be best not to have this clown acting as a roving ambassador in any capacity representing the UK unless he's going over there for advice looking for a new job after all there's plenty of unelected dicators over there who've been over thrown so he'll be in good company
OK. I'll tell you. He's chief tester for the "Bully Boy" Vibrator Corporation

Yesss but what exactly does he do for a living? He looks a pretty prudent guy.


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Never heard of him either.
Judging by the piccie,I assume he's a comedian that appeals to the younger generation? Certainly no one of my age would appreciate a gormless looking half-wit that could not even tie his own tie properly.I don't imagine his shoes were well polished either.
I don't care how much it cost to send him to Africa but I will complain about the cost of bringing him back and bringing him back in general
I don't care how much it cost to send him to Africa but I will complain about the cost of bringing him back and bringing him back in general
Come on RAF..a bit of friendly fire and you've earned the gratitude of millions.


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