Return of the King

People, people! You must see this film! If you haven't seen the first two, go and see them now.
If you're a fan of the films, then believe me you will cry at the end of it. Even the most hardened man will feel a lump in his throat. It's emotional.
Anyway, go and see! You won't be disappointed!


I must have a different version - low budget as none of the actresses could aford cliths. I'll tell ya mate the lump wern't in me throat!
I thought I might be safe from LOTR ROTK on ARRSE !!!!!!!

Having been to Wellington this week - Or Middle Earth as it has styled itself, its all wearing just a teensy weensy bit fcuking thin !!!

LOTR cups on the LOTR plane, Wellington Airport decked out with sets from the movie, The Making of LOTR ROTK on TV - twice in a week (not a 'repeat' -an 'encore screening')

Loads of numpties Cuba Street Mall walking around dressed in LOTR ROTK costumes - no change there, that's normal.

Peter Jackson this, Peter Fcuking Jackson that.

The news - "400 killed in plane crash, but first heres another 15 minutes on Will LOTR get an Oscar or twelve?".

Special tours to see LOTR ROTK locations - not sets just empty space with some tw@t twadling on about how they filmed the space and then inserted 200000 computer generated soldiers.

You can stick it all up ya ring


PS -They do tell it's good though.
Yeah whats the bloody film?

There is only one king...Col Alan Faulkener in Wild Geese.. Richard Burton


Kit Reviewer
film from Kiwi Jackson :-


A must seefor all sick cnuts, imagine The Muppet Show mixed with ANY septic porn mixed with Texas Chainsaw Massacre - get the picture ? 93 mins of fun, now available on dvd from Wingnut Films Production.

Get it......

:twisted: 8O :D
His first film "Bad Taste" was so awful that it's actually quite a good watch.

REALLY low budget though... 8O

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