Return of the Chain Gang

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yokel, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. the only issue with the ankle tagging is that it needs a ball and chain with it.
  2. I can't see anything wrong with the idea to be honest.
    Would change prison sentences for the better.
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  3. Good God what about their feelings and the humiliation they might suffer?
  4. What utter crap. These people know that it will never happen so why do they waste the money we pay them by initiating discussions on shite, rather than on matters which are more important.

    Yet more evidence that the Tories are out of touch.
  5. Bollix to em.
  6. Well this is definitely going to happen. We all know that everything Tory MPs want comes true. That is why the cane is back in school and we are hanging people from the neck at a lawful place of execution because they looked a tad dusky.
  7. Gets my vote.

    Zero tolerance
  8. ROFL

    "Poms in Chains by the road side will definitely be a tourist attraction.
    The last ime I was in the UK there was not much to see of interest on the motor way. However near Birmingham a white van did pull up by the side the road and lots of brown skin people hopped out and ran in all directions. Now that was suspiciously interesting."

    Which arrser was that :)
  9. Ball and chain ankle tags would definitely be an improvement on the current set up...

    Especially if they were mandatory. A fair few have manged to get away wit thm. Remember the girl who 'liked to dress in feminine clothes' so the tag would 'clash' with her couture?
  10. I think if you'd written 'politicians' rather than 'the Tories' it might have been more accurate. Anyone remember Tony Blair's scheme for yobboes to be frogmarched to the nearest cashpoint so some rozzer could impose an on-the-spot fine?
  11. To quote the knob end who floated the idea.

    “In the US I have seen chain gangs out clearing highways – why can’t we do that here?”

    This would be because you would have to shoot people to stop them running off and as much as people might **** them self into a state of semi-rigid vengeful frenzy about prisoners not really being human like all the rest of us in this country killing prisoners out of hand for attempting to escape is considered to be murder.
  12. Perhaps you are right, but the idea is not bad. If nothing else it must be healthier for prisoners to do this rather than to sit in their cells, doing drugs, and then coming out as addicts that are crime experts. Have there been any studies into costs, reoffending rates, staffing levels needed for supervision, and so on?

    There are some roads near a prison down this way that need fixing. Fresh air and physical work will do the old lags some good.
  13. There's a guy called Sherrif Joe in Arizona who has chain gangs in his prison. I remember a series called Brits Behind Bars, in which a bunch of guys who were in bother and heading for jail spent a few weeks as his "guests". They lived in their own wire fenced compound, sleeping in military surplus 10-man tents, eating shit food, and doing tasks such as road cleaning, painting over graffiti, and burying poor people.

    Apart from the maximum security cons, the others live the same way. Sherrif Joe boasted that he spent more on the prison dogs' food than on the cons meals.
  14. The amount of actual work done by chain gangs is nugatory, you try mending a road whilst shackled at the ankles and see how far you get.

    The point of chain gangs is public humiliation, punishment, general harassment of the prisoners. Like all strict prison regimes, it discourages the inmates from wanting to return. Sadly, that disinclination often finds its expression not in reform, but in murdering witnesses and shooting at policemen.
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