Return of the bent wing devils...

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Khyros, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Corsairs over Connecticut is back at the end of the month. Got a better camera now than the one I used for the first one a few years ago. Hoping to get some great shots. On a sad note... a few of the former Black Sheep squadron pilots who were in attendance the last time have passed on. Can't wait to see my son's reaction to those double wasp radials roaring overhead... hmm.... might need some infant sized hearing protection for him though.
  2. The event was awesome! The five birds performed precision formation flying as well as low level passes. My son went bonkers with excitement when they started all their engines together.
  3. Few pics...

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  4. Prop

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  5. VF-17 Jollyrodgers markings...

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  6. I remember once seeing a video of USN pilots doing deliberate ditching trials in Corsairs. IIRC one pilot was killed in the process.
  7. Sad situation then... didn't know they deliberately ditched them to test the airframe. More than a few pilots survived a water landing (drink dart instead of dirt dart?) in Corsairs so perhaps the knowledge gained in those tests saved more lives than it cost.
  8. It's just a huge engine with wings attached............ :wink:
  9. They do look kinda cool though.
  10. Same could be said for many aircraft over the years... still, not many flying machines have the mystique as this one does. Of course, my generation here in the states grew up watching Black Sheep Squadron so we were programmed to love this bird. :p