Return of SOMME Company, London Regiment from Helmand

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nitv9, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. From The Telegraph today (27 Sep 07):

    The City of London is to hold a medal ceremony for more than 140 troops from the Somme Company on Oct 14 when they return from a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

    Lord Mayor John Stuttard, who will be hosting the event, said: "Our soldiers risk their lives for the values we all hold dear and the City is proud to welcome them home.

    "Their sacrifice and dedication deserves the widest recognition and the covenant with our armed forces would be much strengthened if towns and cities across the UK could find public ways of saying 'thank you'."

    Well done SOMME and, when you get back, welcome back to the UK.
    For OPSEC - can we make sure the venue & time of the parade is NOT publicised.
  2. Good show!

    The venue and time will be publicised and will hopefully be well attended.
  3. while i understand what you are saying regarding Opsec i do hope that much is made to ensure that it is widely reported so as to show both Somme company and the wider ONE ARMY we do care and to show the wider public that we have operations that are politicaly unpopular but that the soldiers do have both our respect and appriciation of their service.
  4. I think there is a difference between up-front promotion (those invited know where and when it is) and post-event reporting. I also hope that the post-event reporting is thorough & widespread.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Don't hide the venue and time - broadcast it as widely as you can so that the returning soldiers get the attention and respect that they deserve.

    Just ensure that the relevant PME notices are put in, and that there is a sound security plan. They manage it for the Lord Mayor's parade each year with a large military component, why not for this?
  6. The Queen's Birthday Parade is widely publicised each year, it just means appropriate security has to be put in place.

    Well done the Somme !!!
  7. Perhaps we can move on from "why isn't it being widely publicised etc." and focus on the fact that the City of London Corporation is providing, and paying for, a parade and reception for SOMME Company and their families (the two most important parts of the jigsaw).

    Given this was offered & arranged before CGS' speech on the subject, I think they deserve some praise and thanks.
  8. Well done the City and well done the LONDONS.

    I hope, however, that similar arrangements will be put in place for the return of other formed TA sub-units from Afghanistan - such as the composite squadron from 151 (London) Tpt Regt RLC currently out there.
  9. Well done Somme Company another excellent effort enjoy your parade
  10. Good stuff. Well done the Londons, and well done the Corporation. About time there was some recognition.
  11. Very well done - they're a credit to the TA and Londoners
  12. For the those that can remember, it was the Corporation of London, not the Govt that hosted the Falklands Parade in 1982.
  13. well done fellas good to have you home
    WO2 chop tellman (he knows who he is )well done mate, keep em looking smart........................................
  14. More information on the Homecoming Parade is now available publicly:

    News release from the City of London:

    26 September 2007

    City of London to welcome the troops home from Afghanistan with medal parade

    More than 140 returning troops from Afghanistan will be welcomed home on Sunday 14 October, with a Guildhall medal parade reviewed by the City of London Lord Mayor John Stuttard, former Lord Mayor and Hon Colonel of The London Regiment Sir Michael Savory, and Guildhall Chief Commoner Pauline Halliday.

    "Somme Company", which has served six months on operations, is made up of TA soldiers of The London Regiment and other units, regular reservists and also 26 Grenadier Guards - part of 12 Mechanised Brigade. "Our soldiers risk their lives for the values we all hold dear and the City is proud to welcome them home," said Lord Mayor Stuttard, whose main role as elected head of the City of London Corporation is to represent the UK-based financial services industry.

    "The sacrifice and dedication of British troops deserves wide recognition and the Covenant with our armed forces would be much strengthened if towns and cities across the UK could find public ways of saying "thank you", said the Lord Mayor.

    Both The London Regiment and the Grenadier Guards are among the privileged regiments allowed to march with colours in the City, but more than 170 military units have special connections with the City of London, now the Square Mile business district, following centuries of support. The November Lord Mayor's Show traditionally has a large military component.

    The soldiers taking part will have returned just before from active service and those parading will include at least 80 TA soldiers.

  15. Congratulations SOMME Coy and welcome home