could some one explain something because im getting told differnt things from the powers to be which I beleave to be complete b-----ks.

If I transfer from one cap badge to the other I understand there is a return of service to the queen, I have no problems in that. My new employer has told me I have to give them, (the Unit in question) 2 years return of service. Now I have checked my transfer contract and called MCM direct and got told no its RTS to the army. However my RCMO says no its to him, I transfred this year and have had no time spent on me for spec trade or money spent from the unit expense. when i came accross it wasnt what it was supposed to be I know the grass is not greener, but my old unit are happy to take me back but the problem lies at my side..
Not quite correct, on transferring you should have signed a contract (used to be AF B6848 in my day) to commit yourself for 2 years service on transfer so you cannot sign off. Your RCMO is talking out of his arse you dont owe him anything (although it might not help you if you point this out to him!), its owed to the Army as a whole. They can and probably will enforce the 2 year rule.

Transferring a soldier is an administrative headache one that the MROs will not want to keep repeating. Im afraid you likely to be told - You've made your bed now lie in it. If it's not "what it was supposed to be" that shows lack of preparation on your behalf, did you not go and speak to soldiers in role rather than just listen to their Officers/Recruiting blurb?

The soldiers I spoke to said they enjoyed it but these guys have no other insperation in life, I dont want to sit in a box for 8 hrs day for 6 months, with no windows I expected to be on the ground.

I Have explained my case to my RCMO , this is why I have come to him early, I spoke to MCM desk for my trade and they explained to me I am not tied to this unit, there words were we would rather have a happy soldier in the military , than an unhappy one.

I am not a junior soldier I have a lot of experiance and quals behind me, just this job has not lived upto what is is supposed to be. I have pointed out that my contract says 2 yrs rts to the military not the unit, he says other wise. I am fully aware of the headache I am causing but the army has changed and allows you to transfer numourous times.

I think Pling has hit the nail on the head. Not liking your new job because it isn't what you were expecting is TS I'm afraid. I had a bloke who kept changing his mind when it was all going wrong for him. Once he was warned that the next transfer would be to civvi street he accepted his lot and was eventually very happy!

The moral really is " you've made your bed etc!" The fact that your old lot would have you back is irrelevant unless you've paid your dues for the time and effort spent to get you the transfer in the first place.
you sound like you’ve transferred into a OPP trade that’s needed for OPs, try to think of this problem from the units side - you should be ready to give a return of service and not disadvantage the regt that accepted your transfer in good faith
armycadetrsm said:
good luck on this

people are too used to saying this is how it is and not expecting it to go any further.

you cod ps3?[/quote

I know that this is likely a windup but I ought to respond.

I take it from you info "armycadetrsm" and the fact this is your first post that you know naff all about it! I was an RCMO and know the grief/hassle to obtain a transfer, so when you have had ur nappy changed get back in ur pram.
Hi Guys,

Well I have also only posted my second post does this mean I have no idea, trust me I know a lot more than your repliers. I agree with some of the other comments, how ever lets get out of the cold war way of the Military and have a reality check with the troops. To tell the originator from this post fella you can transfer 3 times in your career. I cant beleave the reply you got stating about I had a soldier change his mind lots. However I told him his next was the boot. well comrad I would love to see this happen, col4835, please explain were you get this from. I work up north, and see and work with transfers everyday, I have never come accross this way life. 99% of the work is completed from Glasgow by MCM .

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