Return of Serivice

Discussion in 'REME' started by Frog_Op, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. I was talking to a guy today (an armourer) that said that return of service for tiffy/tech trades has been binned, can anyone shed any light on this?
  2. err nope for tiffy course still 3 years
  3. You should know red ass!!How's it going?Call the office sometime, eh??

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  4. Worng answer - it is 6 years from completion of training. Latest DEME(A) News Bulletin gives more info.
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  6. I too can confirm this, sign on commencment of course to serve the 18 months course duration and three years after completion,even if you bin the course off they can and will hold you to it in most cases due to pinchpoint trades ect. only fair in relation to the amount of money the army spends on you for the training and for the qualification and 36k annual afterwards.
    Sign here please..........................................................
  7. So what happens when the tiffy course is reduced to 12 months?
  8. still have to do three years from completion of course i should imagine, not the authority on the subject, but that is what the case is for guys on course from late last year, some courses before that did escape signing though for whatever reason.
  9. Fella, trust me it is 6 years from end of course. Read DEME(A) news bulletin. :roll:
  10. Wrong answer you - pull your trousers and pants down!

    REME Corps Inst E5 Para 40 reads.
    Return of Service. Candidates selected to attend artificer training will be issued with
    a return of service certificate. This certificate must be signed by the candidate, witnessed
    by an officer and returned to REME Sldr Wing no later than 3 months prior to the course
    start date. Failure to return this certificate will result in removal from the artificer training
    course for which the candidate has been selected. All artificer training attracts a return of
    service of 3 years from the end of artificer training, regardless of completion or course
    length, in accordance with the Tri-Service Policy for Training Return of Service,

    Its not what you know, its knowing what you need to find it!

    (and this is where i can be magnanimous in victory by giving him a get out clause)

    You may have meant Residual Service which is 6 years according to the DEME(A) Bulletin you like reading.
  11. Strange how people rumours but not facts
    S'pose facts are boring