Return of Euro-Jihadis a Threat to America

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 20, 2006.

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  1. Some people are just plain paranoid...

    Original Washington Times article here:

    The sad thing about it is that if the US hadn't invaded Iraq in the first place, this problem would probably not have surfaced - and certainly not at the scale that the scaremongers are indicating.

    Ho hum!!!
  2. Well that's troubling if it isn't just overstated hyperbole by security organizations to get larger budgets. Concievably most of these 'volunteers' didn't have clean slates or were identified before hand as possible security risks.
  3. Possibly. I thought it was the lead-in to a call for the visa-waiver rights of certain nationalities to be removed. Make everybody queue up for a visa and screen them at that point.
  4. Interesting line of thought. If we hadn't 'invaded' Iraq I suppose these people would be models of citizenship without a hostile thought in their minds?

    It's a bit like saying that some people deserve to be the victims of crime.
  5. The possibility that a terrorist could get into the US without a visa for up to 90 days - because (s)he's an EU national or similar, is nothing new, is it? The scaremongering put forward by this blogger is that said individuals are now "combat experienced and battle-hardened terrorist veterans" from Iraq. No Iraq invasion = no battle-hardening (etc.) was my point.

    Or look at it this way, do you think this kind of article would have appeared in the Washington Times prior to 2003?
  6. Why is this correspondent worried about "European Jihadists" when a "Jihadist" from just-about-bloody-anywhere can:

    * Buy an airline ticket to Mexico

    * Disappear locally

    * Pay a couple of thousand bucks

    * Get smuggled very easily into Arizona/ Texas/ Southern CA?

    Political hot potato issue in the states right now, more so than more nkee-jerk right-wing neocon reasons not to like Europe.
  7. I dare say that Cat Stevens can keep ruling out any plans for a US tour for the considerable future.

    Awol, it is entirely plausible that they went for such a reason, much as volunteers from all over Europe joined the anti-fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War. I agree with however, in that it is my sense that the current crop pose a much greater risk to the communities back home.

    This article, does promote my ire in that, once again, its a Spam "It's all about me"-type story as if the the London and Madrid bombings never happened. I know it's designed for an American audience but it does suggest, at least implicitly, that European intelligence and security isn't doing its bit, just because we're not caging our citizens on a Caribbean island or having Jordanian intelligence officers setting fire to their feet.