Return of Bert?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by error_unknown, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!

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  2. Good riddance to the blighter!

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  3. Who's Bert?

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  1. Bert's gone. Is he missed?
  2. Who gives a fcuk? Why dont you do one too, you rancid little pile of useless dog sputum.
    Oh, and youre a c ock too.
    Hope you next sh1ts a packet of rusty razor blades covered in industrial waste.
    Cant wait for your next little ditty. Did you get your RE teacher to help you with all the big words?
  3. Oh dear the Bert debate again. Just the sort of drivel that keeps the NAAFI lot coming back for more.

    Jumble you really like an online ******* dontcha? Pity you couldn't have kept this fetish and yourself firly located in the NAAFI.

    Pervert. :evil:
  4. Chortle, I find anywhere I go where OTCers have been posting the only thing one can reply is "does it matter".
    These posts are all so meaningless. Maybe bert's evil twin ate him. Lets let him RIP.
  5. Actually I was very politely asked to leave the NAAFI premises by my new best friend MDN. :) So, you're stuck with me :( until they ask me back or I fook up another thread and get moved there by Mods. 8O

    Hear Hear. More sense from ATL. Of course this whole OTC Forum doesn't matter. It's just bollox and ill-informed banter. Why are you (CC) so keen for this to be serious? When was the last time that anything we said or did (or could conceivably say or do) have any effect on anything in the real world/real army/on the price of turd fritters at Spunkbubble's hideous bukkake faced septic arrsed wife's hot dog stand? I'm sure some people elsewhere post useful, worthwhile info but we don't. Be honest and have a good look at your own posts over the last six months. When we start taking ourselves seriously then we might as well "take our heads for a shoite" as dear old Spunkface is so fond of saying.

    I say welcome to Monk et al. When they stop coming, this forum will be about as much fun as the shipping forecast. This board is entertainment. It's not and never will be 'important'.

    Utterly irrelevant and proud of it. 8)
  6. Got to agree with you there jumble. :lol:
  7. On that note.... there's baiting on the go in Vespa's thrilling thread (ACF only)

    Quite a giggle at the moment!
  8. Capt Cheeky has not made any mention of snow or hammers or snow relared adventures for some time.

    and i know why!
  9. Hey! Bert's back.