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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by StabTiffy2B, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Howdy all.

    Another year passes by and another Annual Camp out of the way. This one was reasonable from my perspective but I thought I'd share some observations. These are in no particular order and just my musings at the time of writing. I'll probably come back and add some more. If you take offence then please bear in mind that:
    a) these comments are blatantly broad brush and will not reflect each individual member of the organisation/gender/etc that I'm talking about and that
    b) I really don't give a shit.

    So then:

    1) The RLC (Regular) really are cunts.
    2) The RLC (TA) really are cunts.
    3) Fijians are possibly the laziest people I've ever met.
    4) The TA CoC need lessons on how not to fuck people about.
    5) The RLC will promote anyone, no matter how incompetent.
    6) The field force is really unmotivated.
    7) If people did some work instead of spending all day talking about how busy they are then they wouldn't be busy (equally applicable to civvy street actually).
    8) Germany is tops.
    9) German Beer is lethal.
    10) Circlips are a bugger to find after being fired accross the workshop floor.
    11) Putting sinks in rooms is just like being back home with an En-suite.
    12) 95% of the field force are alcoholics.
    13) German food is tops.
    14) Big growly tank things are fun to play with but buggger working on them all the time.
    15) The fitness of the TA (me included) is really bad.

    That'll do for now. Please add your own observations, comment on mine or have a major teddy throwing session about what I've written.

  2. I can't argue with anything you said!
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    ST2B -

    I think that almost all of your comments would be echoed by many generations of REME TA who have done Camp in Germany over the last few years.

    That's your Bounty sorted for another year, at least :)
  4. Last year two RLC and a TA Sigs regiments, which one folded tents.......

    On the plus side the regular RLC had a fair number of utter babes
  5. RIGHTY HO here goes

  6. I would happily never receive another bounty just to have some of the above problems ironed out.

    Surely that's only after:

  7. you need your eyes testing mate or to stop drinking special brew
  8. obviously not the cooks

    ...and it was a dry camp
  9. My views from camp 7.62 link is heavy and you can never carry enough of it .Head torches are great . The new thunderflash is pathetic .
    I need to improve my fitness or do one :x .
  10. Nah, its just a fairweather fiend, just like half my bloody battalion. :x
  11. RLC = Restricted Learning Capablities

  12. You must be a Pioneer then? I hear they went to Germany for camp, i also hear they went to jamaica last year. It would be jamaica every time for me!!
  13. Its happened again this weekend and again no beer was involved.