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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by HappyNomad, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. When writing a post in Arrse I have no return key or enter key. The only way I can start a new line is by using the key combination [alt]013.

    It only happens in Arrse and only in IE10. In Chrome the problem doesn't exist which suggests that IE10 is the guilty party. Any one else had the problem or have any clues.

    My knowledge of things IE is second only to my knowledge of large hadron collider software. I didn't even know that IE10 had been installed on my trusty Win 7 laptop until just now.... I thought I had IE9. Doh!
  2. I have a fix... stop using IE.
  3. That might just work....

    Arrse eh? Where would we be without it? Expert advice whenever you need it and gratis at that.
  4. Check your keyboard is UK in regional options. I can't recall enter/return going missing before, but it's the first place I'd check for problems like this
  5. Everything set as UK.... worth a look though, thanks.
  6. That was a bit of a pointer in the right direction. Didn't find the thread but a wider www search gives it as a common and well known problem with IE10 and the editor(s) found in forum software. TinyMCE for example.

    I have simply removed the IE10 update and the keys work as they should. No doubt Win-Update will put IE10 back a the first opportunity.
  7. As he said IE is gash, bin it & stop the auto updates too.
  8. You have to change your arrse settings. Set Message Editor Interface: to basic editor and you will find that everything works again.
  9. Not wishing to get into an IE the rest hissing fit, it all worked well until the new update that ARRSE has done.

    We still have the problem of Quick links, we still have the problems in Last 50. It is not IE it is the update, if it worked before the update why not now?

    Many of us for a range of reasons are limited to IE, that is life, we cannot just change our browser to suit a change on ARRSE.
  10. Another expert... Don't have anything useful to add so why not a bit of meaningless drivel instead?

    For most purposes IE and auto update suits me. Why would I want to change it? Oh yes, you don't like it. Reason enough to bin it I suppose.

    Thanks EB ... I will try that when IE10 resurfaces

    But you seem to be overlooking the pearl of wisdom from the technical expert Ches above...
  11. Sixty

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  12. Thanks Sixty
  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    If you have removed IE 10 (system restore to before IE 10 was installed) and you don't what IE 10 to keep installing (it installs by default in Windows update) change your settings in windows update to "check for updates but let me choose which ones to download and install" and uncheck the box for the IE 10 update.

    Capture windows update.jpg

    Or if you are happy with IE 10 then change your ARRSE settings from "full WYSIWYG editor" to one of the other 2 options and your "return" will work but you will have less options (more basic) for posting and editing.

    Capture - editor.jpg
  14. IE? Wot's that?

  15. Just to really piss the geeks off, I updated to to IE10 today (at work) from IE9, did not work with IE9 (at home) and still does not work with IE10 (at work), whatever the ARRSE bandits have done is a **** up, much as I would like to say otherwise, they have taken a system that worked and, frankly, fucked it up.