Retrospective Supplementary Uplift of Pay Allowance (SUPA)

Good evening all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me out or offer some advise before I raise this with my CoC.

Long story short: I was unofficially assigned into a role traditionally two ranks higher than mine at a different unit (in a different division) for 6 months on the basis of email agreement and not JPA (on very short notice, to get someone out of a bind). I was initially verbally refused SUPA when I requested it - stating that I am grossly under qualified for the job (why send me in the first place?) I think I should have been eligible for SUPA, since I’ve just found out others from my unit have been getting it and the evidence is now in my insert in my annual report that I’ve been reported on as in that position.

I feel slightly annoyed that I ended up working quite intensively and extra hours for 6 months and with far more responsibility than I should have been carrying for no extra money or benefit.

How do I go about sorting this out? Is there a good way of aI don’t want to go for a service compliant but I feel that I may have to take it that way.

Thanks in advance.

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