Retroactive awards?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by modwatchdog, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone shine any light of this statement for me?

    "While the U.S. Army does routinely review retroactive individual award
    recommendations for members of the Armed Forces of the United States, as required by U.S. Federal law and Army policy.My office is still under the impression the British Government does not allow its Soldiers or veterans to receive retroactive foreign awards."
  2. Is this not to do with the upgrading of awards as opposed to the initial issue.

    After all every award is retrospective.

  3. Sounds like the classic beauracy, to me!

  4. This certainly makes more sense.
  5. I'd guess at this driving at one of three things:

    1. Upgrading an award from (say) Silver Star to DSC, as dingerr suggests. The US has done this on more than one occasion when evidence that the recipient of one award fulfilled the criteria for one of a higher level.

    2. Attempting to award a medal (perhaps campaign medal rather than for gallantry) to someone a considerable time after the event. Again, the Americans have done this ( and for examples), but in contrast, look at the reaciton here to the Malaysian government awarding the Pingat Jasa Malaysia to Malayan Emergency veterans and the efforts to obtain Bomber Command and Arctic Convoys campaign medals, along with a couple of attempts to have VCs awarded for actions in WW2 (e.g. a VC for Paddy Mayne).

    3. With the specific reference to 'foreign' awards here, someone has recommended/suggested/requested the awarding of a US decoration to a British veteran a considerable time after the event; the person quoted in the initial post believes that such a step would be doomed to failure since the UK's position is not to permit such awards.
  6. If another nation wants to award a British serviceperson (check out the PC!) then its not really upto the UK government to deny this; They can however bar the wearing of such medals.

    I know there have been a number of Brits who have been awarded Bronze stars in the last couple of years.

    I was disapointed to see that Pete Norton did not get any formal recognition from the US. He was working for/with the Yanks when he was involved in the incident that earned him his GC.
  7. :D Cheers Guys, you all make valid points. I think the best course of action is to contact the Ministry of Defence directly and see what criteria they have in place for this sort of thing, as I`m sure to must come up regularly. If it does turn out to be the case, it`ll be interesting to see how retrospective an award has to be before it becomes so! :( I`ll let you know what if anything they have to say. :arrow:
  8. Not to put a dampner on things but.....

    Regardless of what other sources/individuals have told you, the
    following information is fact as far as the U.S. Army is concerned:

    -the British government does not universally authorize for acceptance
    and wear retroactive foreign awards made to its soldiers as it's on a
    case by case basis; I'm unable to answer whether the British government
    authorizes for acceptance and wear upgrades of foreign awards made to
    its soldiers as to the best of my knowledge, the U.S. Army has never
    received a request to do so;

    -before my command can formally review and make a final determination on
    a request to retroactively award a foreign soldier a U.S. Army award,
    U.S. Army policy requires concurrence/non-concurrence from the
    government of the soldier being recommended for an U.S. Army award; if
    my office receives non-concurrence from the government of the soldier
    being recommended for an U.S. Army award, my office will still complete
    the action and if an award if approved, present it to the foreign

    -a U.S. Army award of the Silver Star can be considered for upgrade to
    the Distinguished Service Cross;

    -unless your unit was under the control of an U.S. Army
    chain-of-command, you cannot be considered for a U.S. Army award
    , such
    as the Army Commendation Medal.
  9. if it's any help, my dad was awarded the order of polonia restituta (gold cross) in about 1980, by the polish government, for deeds done as a pow in poland in's that for retroactive?