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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oyibo, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. While researching the Government reaction to the Warrenpoint bombings in 1979 I came across some fascinating documents released from the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland on the CAIN website. Sadly, there seems to have been more interest in the De Lorean factory than Warrenpoint (unless those docs are still classified), but I did come across an interesting summary of the ECHR's partial decision on the hunger strikers (stand down the outrage bus):
  2. I was on an operational tour in Belfast in '79, Divis/Falls was our Coy AOR. Sad news included Warrenpoint and Mountbatten's assassination. I really didn't give a toss about DeLorean - he looked like a bit of a spiv to me - I remember thinking it probably would not prove successful. High point of the year was Maggie's election, gave us, (in the Army) a shot in the arm, and a raise!
    Looking back, although we discussed the political/economic situation in rare moments of relaxation, we were more concerned with our soldiers and the job in hand. We had a remarkably successful tour.

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  3. Farrell, I think, was leader of the women's part of the dirty protest that you refer to.
  4. Notwithstanding the Gibralter decision, I did find it interesting that the hunger strikers' demands (to which, according to one of the PRONI docs, Callaghan was prepared to concede) were roundly rejected by the ECHR. There is also an interesting briefing for Maggie to give to Ronnie about the situation - it contains very clear and logical arguments about the Government's stance. Thank goodness Maggie had the balls to see it through.
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  5. HHH

    HHH LE

    In your research have you seen this report by UTV which gives a lot more detail on behind the scenes of the RUC investigation's and how they were hampered.

    Police 'could have solved Narrow Water' - UTV Live News

    If you click on the smaller pics there is the video report as well.
  6. The ECHR has no jurisdiction to change the domestic inquest verdict of Gibraltar .. Lawful killing.

    The role of barrister(s) from the charity "inquest" in the Gib 3 case was reported by them at the charity AGM. It seems to be in breach of their charity registration (Inquests in England and Wales). They expounded to ECHR on Article 2.

    I think by that time "Inquest" had involved in 1300 custody deaths in England and Wales. Using a group of ex offenders and social workery types. As far as I know the first time the charity deployed a barrister on a custody death was shortly after the Gib 3 case in ECHR. The custody death of Phillip SEED at Margate Police Station 1995. The Coroners Officer and the PCA invigilator were both police case officers on the open 1989 Deal Barracks bombing case.

    A report was sent to Attorney General that the Thanet inquest appeared to be subject of a conspiracy to obtain grounds for Section 13 appeal. Which would make a cross case compromise on the Deal barracks bombing case subject of a secret public interest decision of AG. John Morris ordered that no response was to be put in writing but Thanet Coroner stood down in the case and a new inquest (with no appeal I think) was held by the functus officio Deal Bombing Coroner of Dover.

    Bullet, ballot and human rights law. Their early attempts, floundering on self infliction, seem to have developed into greater sophistication.

    Part of the evidence I furnished Kent Police in 2003 details a local reaction in Margate in 79 to the killing of Lord Mountbatten. Anti Nazi observers were quietly watching a group of people. In 2003 I got witness statements.

    One of the group was heard saying "What smells and floats in the Irish sea ?" "Mountbatten's slippers" and there was laughter all round. It was an aside in the statement but the witness remembers thinking how odd the humour for right wing "patriots".

    If the security forces admit to possessing intelligence then the clock starts ticking for the UK obligation to protect life under Article 2.

    Making me wonder if the IRA thought "Someone daft enough to smear walls with menstrual material and faeces might just be daft enough to get shot by SAS ?"

    Funny old world.
  7. Cheers HHH - I've already cited that in my paper! There's quite a number of reports about Brennan and Burns, as well as the Gardai allegedly destroying forensic evidence. Who'd have thunk!
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