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I have been looking at various holiday options and came across this one. VW Camper Van Hire Cornwall | Campers In Cornwall

It looks terrific! I have spent some time talking with the owners, especially a lovely lady named Kim Teagle, who has been very helpful indeed. Now I haven't experienced the holiday, but I do know Cornwall and it's a favourite destination for my family and friends. In fact, we had a wonderful time there last August, even though the weather wasn't as cooperative as it could have been. Nevertheless, there are many places to visit and a plethora of things to do, so whether it is sandy beaches or wild walks, or ruined castles, there is something for everyone. The magnificent Eden Centre is always worth a visit and we had a terrific day in a small fishing village that also boasts the ships used in such films as 'Cuthroat Island', 'Hornblower-the television series' and the recent remake of 'Treasure Island'. They were filming an episode of that when we visited, and we were able to watch a quite alarming stunt taking place. There is also a wonderful museum there with many Titanic relics. This is in Charlestown, near St Austell .Museums in Cornwall: Charlestown Shipwreck & Heritage Centre

Campers in Cornwall offer a number of VW caravanettes, all from around the 1970 era, all refurbished and furnished in a very comfortable style. The vehicles are meticulously maintained and mechanically reliable, as well as looking very good! The vans are named too, to give that more intimate feel. One of them is George. george.jpg
and the interiors look good too. george1.gif

The vans are equipped with just about everything one may need, all you need to bring is bedding and towels, although they can be provided, along with many other extras. A welcome pack of tea, coffee etc is provided.

Kim has agreed that when booking, if you are serving military then a 10% discount is there to help.

The company is a small one and friendly too. But because they are small then profit margins are tight, however they are very welcoming to service personell.

As I said, I have been unable to try this out for myself, but have read testimonials from those who have and they are glowing. It's certainly a holiday that I covet and will be taking sometime soon.
Have a look at their website ( above) and maybe you may be tempted too.
Nothing quite like a splitty for holding up the traffic especially if you've still got the original 1300cc engine :)

For that true retro feel, visit Redruth - the Land Bypassed By Time.
OR for the REAL retro experience-pack 1 bergan
-1 groundsheet
-7x 24 hour ratpacks
head due south from warrenpoint to about 10 meters from irish border and chill for one week! unless Rupert gets it wrong in which case you get arrested by the gardai who will give you a lift back to the north with their finest regards and their" dont come back again u inglish bastards "speech !!
For that true retro feel, visit Redruth - the Land Bypassed By Time.
Aah Redruth. You can get a jump there for the price of a bag of chips :)

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