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Retrieving money from a "friend"

Earlier in the year, my daughter was asked if she wanted to go to a concert with a friend and family to which she agreed and handed over £60 so the dad could buy all the tickets together. The concert was for the 10th June and in the meantime, daughter and friend had a huge falling out and no longer speak to each other.

Daughter still wanted to go to concert and as the tickets were for standing, she was going to go with other friends that were also attending. When I started to ask the parents for daughter's ticket at the beginning of May, they said they hadn't received them from Ticketmaster yet and would let me know as soon as they did. They then asked if they could just give daughter back the money as there was someone else who wanted the ticket. Daughter said no, she wanted ticket.

Surprise, surprise, according to them, the tickets never arrived and they had to buy new tickets off ebay. They say they are sorting a refund from Ticketmaster but haven't received it yet and won't pay daughter's money back until they do.

Where do we stand legally? Daughter thinks she still has computer print-out the dad gave her of the ticket purchase as proof. I can't afford to take them to small claims and am unsure whether this would come under that remit anyway.

Any solicitors on here want to send them a scary letter for me? ;-)
send them a letter yourself asking for the money back within 14 days and state legal proceeding will commence in 14 days if not received. At day 14 if no money send them a 7 days to pay letter, if no money at 7 days log onto the county court bulk clearing center at Northampton and lodge a claim it will cost you £75 and the £75 will be added to what you are owed.

Only do this if the friendship is well and truly fucked as there's no going back after this I'd guess.

Or alternatively walk away from the £60
Thanks for that.

Things have been said and done (by both sides to be honest) that mean the friendship is well beyond retrieval. £60 is a lot for a 17 year old to walk away from when she only earns £20 a week. Unfortunately, if I were to cover it, that would mean I couldn't go on the next ARRSE crawl... priorities man, priorities! ;-) :lol:
Is all the hassle you'll have to go through to reclaim this money worth £60?

Oh, and if your daughter made this arrangement rather than sensibly buying the ticket herself, then let her take the loss or write the shitty letters herself. She can learn the valuable lesson that the easy option rarely is.
One problem you'll face even if you win the small claims is actually getting the money off whoever you are claiming from although you do have six years to do it. Of course it will trash their credit rating for the six years too.


I would ask for the money back, as if you dont , it will stick in your throat every time you think about it.

Also there is a principle involved here.


Book Reviewer
Find some scousers, buy them a lump of hash and send 'em round to sort it out, it'll be cheaper in the long run even if you include a few litres of 4 Star to pour through the letterbox ^^
Is all the hassle you'll have to go through to reclaim this money worth £60?

Oh, and if your daughter made this arrangement rather than sensibly buying the ticket herself, then let her take the loss or write the shitty letters herself. She can learn the valuable lesson that the easy option rarely is.
Think about how much you earn in three weeks, would you be happy to just let that go? You may be on such fantastic wages that £60 is like a drop in the ocean, unfortunately not everyone is.

She made the arrangement because they were going to go as a group and it was just simpler (at the time) to buy the tickets as a group. She has learned her lesson but it still remains that she is owed the money.
Just pay a baghead £20 to take a framing hammer to your daughter's friend's kneecaps. It might not get her money back but by God, it'll make her feel better.
So far, unless you'ver something to the contrary, the Dad hasn't say you won't get the money back, it's just that he hasn't got it from Ticketmaster, who TBH have been known to be a bit shifty.

If the friendship is no more, then a polite letter explaining that you understand the wait but you reserve the right to contact him frequently to ensure that you receive the £60 that she rightfully gave him to purchase the tickets on her behalf.

Alternatively, the fact that the tickets never materialised is an issue between him and Ticketmaster (check their T&C's) and not between your daughter and Ticketmaster. Explain that the (informal) contract between your daughter and him hasn't been fulfilled and as such, with the flimsy reasons supplied, it could be viewed by some as fraud. Give him another two weeks and then explain you're seekign legal advice (He doesn't need to know you're Mother Hubbards poorer sister).

The eBay thing smells fishier than your girl's nick's
That's what I thought. Even if that's legit, if they can afford to pay over the odds for the tickets on eBay before they got a refund, they could damn well afford to pay daughter back.
How convinient that:

  • Man buys tickets from Ticketmaster
  • Tickets from Ticketmaster don't arrive in time for Gig
  • Man has enough time and money to buy (expensive) alternative tickets for the same gig on eBay
  • Ticketmaster are delaying/won't refund for tickets not received
I'm not a born cynic, but. . .

It would be interestinjg to ask him copies for all correspondence from Ticketmaster in case you need to take them to court for the money back. If as you suspect, he'll come forth with nothing, in the guise of it being 'his problem to get it back not yours', then ask him for the £60 and he can wait until he is refunded. He can't have it both ways.

You could also ask for any details about he eBay purchase, although as your daughter isn't party to any of this transaction then it's unlikely you'll get shag all.

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