Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by jimbobtheblue, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone has recently transferred into the int corps and can give me the sort of timeline to expect from putting in the initial paperwork.

    Many Thanks
  2. We have had a few people transfer into the Int CORPS recently, but can't vouch for the int Corporation. :roll:
  3. I'll name that tune in one - Hues Corporation, Rock The Boat?

    It's the simple things that rock our boat isn't it eye_spy :D
  4. Sorry, is that retrading or retarding?
  5. I retarded a (ahem!) few years back and it took about 9 months flash to bang.
  6. Yep, about 9 months here, from leaving to starting new unit
  7. [/quote] FFS....get a grip...who cares??????[/quote]

    I think you'll find most INT CORPS people on here fella!!

    Numbty's like you often come on here asking for advice on transferring etc..and often get the basics wrong - this is a clear indication of a lack of research into something that 'you claim' you want to do.

    Have a look at previous posts (of which there are numerous) about the subject, then if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  8. Thank you Reebrov.

    In response to your drivel chintonian, there can be quite a lot of report writing in the Int Corps. If you can not be arrsed to ensure you spell things correctly, your credibility will be way down there with your chances of actually passing the course in the first place. :roll:

    BTW, do you see how I sorted out your quote for you? Its called attention to detail.
  9. :wink:
  10. Without getting drawn into an internet p!ssing contest, but I am anyway.

    I have no problem with people looking for information about joining or transferring to our Corps. However, the stickies at the top of the Int Corps forum will provide all the information an individual will need as will the AFCO's. It gets very boring and repetative when a new thread starts up asking the same questions over and over again. It is more galling when those asking the questions can not even get basic details right such as the spelling of the Corps they wish to join. FFS the title of the forum gives it away.

    One months pre-deployment leave, you must have a very easy work place to allow that much time off before deploying, how are you going to be current when you arrive in theatre?

    BTW Well done Fraser for spotting my deliberate mistake :oops:
  11. agreed.

    yes, it's mildly irritating that some people can't spell. but let's save the wrath for a) complete mongs and b) the office.

    i think we've got increasingly bitter and intolerant towards potential recruits, to the extent that anyone coming on Arrse looking for some genuine advice gets a) a total savaging for accidentally calling it "int corp" and b) the impression that we are a bunch of complete knobs, that they wouldn't want to join anyway.

    now that might be fine with some, but we don't know how many of these recruits we lose are good and how many would make it. we also don't know how many lurking potential recruits read the vitriolic, **** attacks about speeling and grandma... and decide to apply elsewhere.

    what we could try is just pointing them at the stickies without annihilating them. or a reminder that whilst it's okay to spell like a mong on the internet, they must pay attention to detail when they get in.

    fuck me, i must be getting old. :)
  12. Not old - just tedious! :lol:
  13. **** me, i must be getting old.

    And you have the gall to start an 'oldies' thread!
  14. Here's a novel idea, if you're looking for answers in an anonymous internet forum as to what the army (and the Corps) is like rather than listen to the various recruiters and decide it isn't for you why not fuck right off. This site has nothing to do with the army and is not the recruiting website, for good reason.

    If you're mong enough to form your opinions from what is written on here then you were never the right material that we want anyway. My understanding is that we can pick and choose those we enlist and commission, so if this site is an unoficial filter then great. Those that are put off by arsse were never of the correct calibre anyway.
  15. jeez mate, you have a shit weekend or what? :D