Retrading to Ammo Tech

I'm retrading to AT from chef, but up until now I've been kept in the dark as to how I will need to prepare. I passed the maths test at the RCMO's office, and am currently waiting for my RCMO to get back to me with a date for an interview. I'm not really sure what I need to do now, and am hoping that someone here can enlighten me by giving me a heads up on what to expect so I can do a bit of swotting. I know from my service thus far that anything can be achieved when armed with a few useful tips from those in the know. As you can probably tell, I don't like surprises, and am trying to avoid them wherever possible. Any help gratefully received.
I'd read the previous posts on this subject, there are many. Good luck though on the application, but be prepared for a lengthy process as they are concentrating on recruits rather that re-treads at the mo. APFSDSDU might give you some direction. :D
Mike, read your PM's.
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