Retrading made difficult?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by IBCam, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. This might be a little long-winded if you'll excuse me. I am a chef. Not the most glamorous job within force's circles but one that until recently I used to enjoy, with all the ups and downs. I used to see a future for myself in my 'chosen' profession.

    I recently have become quite disillusioned in my trade. Not a mere 'what the hell am I doing here' phase that many of us have gone through and gotten over.

    Many have no doubt been to or are on a camp with PAYD. I won't go into any detail as PAYD issues crop up all the time. Does it spell the end of the army chef as we know it? I certainly think so. I do not wish to leave the army though either.
    Hence the interest in a re-trade. I have been warned that life could become quite difficult should I voice my dissatisfaction\wish to re-trade. But where do I start?

    I am newly promoted and not so far into 'the game' enough to understand all it's do and don't intricacies.
    Any advice would be welcome!
  2. Speak to your RCMO who should steer you in the right direction. It's quite easy to re-trade and it shouldn't harm your career too much (if at all). Factors such as length of service, age, rank and the trade you wish to re-train for will all have an impact.
  3. I'm a former chef myself, and made the trade jump a year ago at my 11 year point to PC Ops. I didn't want to transfer as I thought it's better to be halfway up a ladder you don't like than stuck at the bottom of the pile again somewhere else. Although the decision was made for me due to an illness, I never looked back, and wished I had done it voluntarily many years ago. You mention that you've recently been promoted (congrats) but what rank are you now and how long have you served? (PM me if persec is an issue) These are important factors which will weigh heavily on your decisions.

    Regardless of what anyone says, catering in the RLC has been on a slippery slide to mediocrity for a number of years now, so you're not alone in your thoughts.
  4. I used to be a military chef and to be honest, after all that I've read on here about PAYD and the contractors, if I was still in, I'd re-trade too.
  5. As GeneralMalaise quite rightly points out, your RCMO should be able to offer you all the guidance you need. As I found out though, this isn't always the case, as my transfer suffered long delays (two years out of trade!) purely down to misinformation and ill thought-out advice.
  6. I should also point out that my last few years as a chef were some of the worst I've ever experienced in the army (being ordered to work on the morning of my wedding day is a particularly good example), therefore I am more than happy to take some time out to help someone else make a leap in the same direction.
  7. Fuck me, mike, that's a bit rough, my last two years were the best I had, to be honest, but I still would re-trade.
  8. I flipped, needless to say I didn't work it in the end. I told the master chef that he could either give me the day off, or put me on the roster anyway and resign himself to being man down on the day. I think he saw a bit of sense in the end.

    I wouldn't have minded, but the few months prior to that we'd been averaging 3-4 days off a month, working nearly all weekends.
  9. I tranfered around three years ago. was a Cpl but couldnt see any light at the end of the tunnel and this was before PAYD came in but it was on the books. already getting f***ed over by civ chefs working with me in the mess and not turning up and guess who pulled double shifts.

    For my stupidity i am now AGC SPS.

    points for transfering was needed more time with family as fed up of being in a garrison and back to back ops and see note above- got it now my family life is great - (just hope the wife doesnt find out).

    against it - well to many points really i hate it but trapped by the nads now due to pension. Humor/work&play&social together just doesnt seem to be the same. even working in the same office as other memeber of the detachement i have never seen this amount of back stabbing and bitching before as a chef and this is now my third unit as a clerk.

    depends where you want to go and do - but the majority of transfers have to be below 30 yrs of age - (they can and do bend the rules if it suits them as i just managed to get into AGC but there was also another guy there 35 yrs old but it now means i cant come back and with only 5 yrs left, will keep my head down and get ready for civy street)
  10. IBCam,

    If you're seriously contemplating transferring, I'm quite sure the only things stopping you are;

    1. Love of cooking. I know, because I miss it.
    2. Career prospects. Would transferring mean putting yourself back a few years? Probably, but you'll look back and be glad you did it. If you do, that is.
    3. Camaraderie. As coffeecream said, chefs are a sociable lot, but so are many other trades. Have a chat with people from other trades/corps on other forums.

    Let's also not forget the prospect of having more time off to spend on ARRSE, as I'm rather certain that the only reason you haven't answered is because you have to go to work. :D

    A closing point : Don't be fobbed off by your unit if they tell you 'You can't transfer, chefs are too undermanned'. If you want to transfer, and you feel strongly enough about it, you can.
  11. My bolds. I can see why it's been hard if you've only spent a year or so at each post.
  12. Am 29 now. Joined up at 26. My rank is Lcpl. I am no spring chicken but by no means am I past my expiry date. I was looking at the Vet (and poss. the Int corp - which were my initial choices on joining up) but I do not have enough info on said occupations to make a informed decision. I have read the literature and heard the spiel sold by recruiting officers. But insight from someone who has on-hand experience would be worth it's weight fuel coupons.
  13. Both jobs with plenty of prospects. Recruiting officers generally have bias towards their own badges, or if they don't, they only go as far as to read the description straight from the tin, with little to no interest. For these reasons I'd take their advice with a pinch of salt.

    You may wish to reiterate your intentions on the Int Corps forum to get a more informed perspective, but as for the vet side I have no idea who you'd talk to.

    Regardless of your eventual choices, one thing is certain, and that is if you are certain you want to retrade, start the ball rolling as soon as is practically possible. Time is almost as valuable as your eventual choice.
  14. Just jumped ship myself from the mov con trade to RE, recently promoted to L/Cpl and looks like I'm going to lose that but I don't care. I am going through all the hassles of combat engineering training and living with sprogs again but at the moment it looks like I've made the right decision. It took nearly a year for all my paperwork to go through but apparently that was down to JPA holding it all up.
  15. I was a chef, transfered in 2000. Best move I ever made. Now an EH tech, so I inspect kitchens instead of working in them. I was a Cpl when I transfered and kept my rank, but as it was 2 years training, I am now behind my peer group for promotion etc but it doesn't bother me that much as the qualifications far outweigh everything.

    Best advice. Find a job you really want to do. Check you have the necessary qualifications for it, then ask (through your CoC) if you can do a week or two on attachment to a unit that does the job you want to do to get a feel for it. Nothing your CoC can do to stop you transferring. Feel free to pm me if you want any more info