Retrading from Tech

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by GENOCIDE_BOY, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. Hello boys, just wondering how long you have to have been in the army before you can retrade. I am currently a tech and it sux, I left civvy street to get away from office jobs not just wear a uniform. Would like to do a job that is more in the dirt. Can anyone give me some info on the following

    RE C3 Spec
    RA Observer

    When I went thru basic I got the impression that I would actually do work on the frontline and go out patrolling however have so far been dissapointed, however I dunno if the RE actually do any proper frontline work, can someone plz gimme advice.
  2. I don't know much about other trades but I think you are on the right track. GET THE FCUK OUT OF THE TECH TRADE NOW! it is crap and you will only ever be a shiny arse gimp that only ever gets a shout when the paper is jammed in the printer. NO MATTER WHICH UNIT YOU WORK FOR! your job will always be the same.

    You can retrade whenever you want, if they say you can't tell them you'll pvr/sign off and join back up and write to your MP etc etc. Basically get some advice from people who have been there and get the gen from them. Even if you have to go back to the ACIO in your area. Don't let your FofS/YofS/troop rupert persuade you otherwise, its in their interest to keep you there, not get you the job that suits you best. believe me I wish I had bailed when I had the chance! Other corps get paid as well as techs, check out the add pay an RE diver gets! If you want a piece of the action GET THE FOXTROT OUT OF THE SIGNALS! PM me if you want further persuading mate. If you are in a garrison ring up the other corps regiments in the area and ask if you can visit them to get a heads up on what they do before you make your mind up.

    Your seniors will try to talk you out of it but if you are having doubts the time to act is now!!!!!
  3. Believe me, I don't need any more persuading. Just makes me laugh, thinkin of all the stories that i told in Basic and now I've actually been on Telic in Iraq it seem a load of bulls, altho I dunno wot Telic 1 was like.
  4. please leave now go and play in the mud and i'll see you lifting the gate 20 yrs time, enjoy.

    The trade group is i bad enough shape as it is without another whinging tosser moaning that they just wanna roll in the mud.

    Unless you go sf you have as much chance of getting amongst the dirt as any other trade in the sigs which is not alot unless your a rebro commander or in a battle group. Speak to someone who was at 7 armd on Telic 1 they were on the front line the whole time.

    what do you think these other trades when they are not on Ops. at least as a tech there is something of a job to do all the time, even if some of that is bloody paperwork.

    If you want more out of it get down your training wing and go and find it instead of whinging on the internet. or just do one what did you think you'd be doing other than equipment care. ffs!
  5. You have got to be fcuking joking, I spent more time sleeping under a poncho and wearing cam cream when I was in the army cadets than I did when I was at 264.

    If the lad thinks it is not for him, my advice to him is to do one and transfer. the internet is the best place to get impartial advice and I don't think he is whinging, just trying to avoid getting fed a load of shite from seniors in a sigs unit. If you think spec testing 1960's radios and filling in 1043's is fulfilling work, then crack on mate.

    I would be very surprised if any technicians working at 7 armd HQ were involve in anything other than making sure the staffs burco boiler was still operational but I could be wrong, maybe things have changed a lot since I was in? do techs now regularly cast aside their flukes and gas soldering irons, pick up their weapons and engage in a rourkes drift style defence of billy smarts green circus tent complex from the invading hordes. Or not.

    To the original poster, you will find it harder to transfer, the more rank you get. Not many teeth arm units will be happy to take a full screw with no experience.
  6. and i'm sure hereford appreciate broadcasting over an unregulated site.
  7. Genocide_Boy. You joined as a signals tech. Did you not read the job description, what did you expect to be doing? Did you seriously think that you would be seeing the action sat in the back of your ERV. I'm sorry but when i joined up as a tech i knew that i wouldnt be hanging out down the front line with my gas pen between my teeth blatting off rounds at the bad guys while repairing a 320. Did you think there would be a requirement to give covering fire while your oppo changed a fuse on a TX/RX. If you want to go then go. But make sure you read the job description first so you know what to expect. Dont hang around the corps providing 1 extra number on the overmanning list and stopping people who actually want to be in the trade and get on from doing so.
  8. Ok rant over serious advice and it's very simple go and see your RCMO thats what they are there for most of them are very helpful and informative.

    Just remember that RCMO's also have trade gaps to fill like all recruiters so have an idea where you want to go.

    I had an interview with mine and i think he mentioned Royal Signals Tech Supply specialist 37 times and told me a bright you tech full screw like me could be a staffy in 2 years in that trade.


    However the other infomation he gave was very useful.

    So simply ask for an interview have an idea of what you want to do when you get in the office and don't get side tracked by the RCMO's quotas
  9. I think some people on here need to have a serious think about what being a modern soldier is all about.

    You spent more time under a poncho wearing cam cream as a cadet than as a member of 264? In which capacity do you think you achieved more?

    As an RE C3op don't bank on haveing bullets for breakfast. You could just as easily end up in an Ops room again.

    Artillery Observer which one? If you are armoured you'll be in the back of a FOO Warrior, on exercise. Probably be staging on like an infantryman in other roles, with no poncho or cam cream in site.

    Try Sphinx battery see how you go, but again don't think you'll be transported from war zone to war zone living under ponchos and eating cam cream.

    Or leave, join the cadets and spend time under a poncho smearing cam cream over your face. Bitching about how the ACIO lied to you. You joined as a tech, what did you expect?
  10. The point I was trying to illustrate is that while specialist units DO fulfill a vital purpose, you will be doing a specialist job and as such will have little time for the basic infantry type stuff which is what I think the original poster was getting at. You seem to be very well informed about different roles within the army, why dont you offer some advice without coming across like you gargle sperm. Loads of people change their career. The fact that you usually have to decide what your job will be for the next 22 years when you are a teenager isn't very helpful.

    Personally I enjoyed being a tech when I was a young sprog but got bored of it by the time I was 22
  11. Student_grant, must have misread what you were trying to say.

    I am reasonably well informed, I retraded too, but I went the other way. I am now a tech.

    I don't whinge about my original trade though. I joined younger than both of you, i'll wager, yet I enjoyed my first trade.

    The choice to change was made because I felt it was no longer challenging. But I still chose to do it in the first place.

    If Genocide_boy wants to hear the advice of a spunk gargler then he can PM me.

    He should be careful however, he may go to a "warry" trade, but where will that leave him at the end?

    If he wants a bit of excitement, then he should look for something that will fit his needs. He could volunteer for a slot with out actually leaving the tech trade.

    Best of both worlds. If he still doesn't like it he can come back.

    At anyrate he should get hold of the current job specs pack. I saw one the other day with every trade in the forces, of all services, in it. He can read that and choose his future career from that. He can also leave the Army and go to the Navy or RAF.

    He should inform his COC now aswell. Get an RCMO interview when he knows what he wants to do. I feel he will have few obstacles in his leaving the trade.

    One more thing to remember. If you retrade, you start again, you may have a small advantage, but you will have to work hard again to progress. Nothing is owed to you. You are at the bottom. Remember also, if you leave the Corps' you may lose your rank, and think hard on the financial aspects of the change. You may say that the money doesn't matter, but your wage could drop significantly, and you have to know how to live within your means.

    Also promotion. Some trades move a dam sight slower than others. Ask the lads of that trade, is there any pitfall waiting for you? What is the promotion triangle like? You could sit at Cpl for a while waiting for a Sgt slot for example.

    Think hard, about why you want to leave. Have seen, all to often, this same sort of "I want to be soldier" arguement from people who didn't really know what they wanted to do in life. Some have left, some have retraded and left and some have come back!!!

    Are there any trades in the Army that regularly practice the basic Infantry skills? If this is what people are after, then as I said, a slot in the Cadets could be for them.
  12. Fair one choccy frog, thats very good advice. I joined when I was 16, far too young to make a serious choice about what colour underpants I was wearing that day let alone my future career. The trouble with starting as a tech is you get rank thrown at you and I am sure you realise most baby techs are not given command of anything other than a box full of screwdrivers, a year later you get your 2nd (unless you are a complete charisma vaccum). this makes it harder to transfer to other corps. In addition you can't get on the RD roster till your a staffy.

    I think theres a lot to be said for the way the marines do it, spend a couple of years with a fighting unit then specialise. This is also the approach the police take. I met a few guys who had been 'real' soldiers then transferred to the signals. They were older guys, had kids etc and were settled and very good professional blokes. But when you are a young lad you want to be all 'warry' like you say not soldering things.

    I suppose there are two schools of thought to this
    1. stay put and make the best of it, volunteer for everything ie. lanyard trophy, cambrian patrol etc the grass is always greener and all that

    2. transfer or volunteer for something

    Why dont you try for pilot or rupert? like the man said you dont have to burn your bridges then and theres no drop in pay.
  13. what you have to ask yourself is has the thread originator been advised wrong. when he went into the ACIO did they say be a royal signals tech you'll do all this cool stuff and run aroun din the mud being all soldier like? Or did he go into the ACIO and say i want to be a Royal signals technician. I've read the stuff and am making that choice myself. As the trade is overmanned they're not pushing through as many techs as they did 5 years ago if a careers office is pushing the tech trade then that problem needs to be addressed. However from what genocide_boy has said it seems like he's bought into the stories that he got told by his troop cadre in training big timing it then gone on his first tour and realised that they were talking sh!te. No matter where you go there will be big timing cnuts who fill young minds with shite. If your not happy with the trade then look into things but do it properly, follow the advice on here go see your RCMO, visit other units, speak to people and read the information available on armynet and other sources. If your going to make the decision then make it but dont make it lightly. The idea that your not happy because you dont do enough soldiery stuff to me wouldnt be enough because i doubt you'll find a job apart from infantry where you would do that much. I dont know your situation but if your in the army for the long term then you need to look past the training and into the day to day job. Going to the RA or RE you'll still find yourself spending your days doing det maintenance and the general bullsh!t that you get everywhere. Ok the exercises might be more enjoyable but the day to day routine will be similar.

    Thats not quite true is it i know a lot of good techs who have had to wait because of character clashes with the heirachy (ie they dont like to kiss the regi foremans ass). Who end up becoming better NCO's in the long run.

  14. Sorry didnt also know you were qualified to pass on such invaluable advice on RE C3 op Or RA Observer.

    We all make mistakes, nobody is perfect. Maybe the original poster is genuine and wants to roll in the dirt, yes it will be a lot of hassle for him to switch and in some respects a bad move given his present rank and experience but it is his choice and it can be done.

    I cannot comment on RE C3 Op but i can comment on being an RA Observer because i am one.

    There are several types but the most common is the Field Observer either mounted in Warrior or Dismounted in Saxon, Landrovers, or on foot.

    Your "Claim" that he'll stag on like an Infantryman is correct we do make up part of an Inf Coy Comds Section and act accordingly. There is no better way of integrating your section, when your in the field everyone stags on.

    Warriors do break down, we also and often do revert to dismounted operations, thats why we also carry dismounted kit.

    If fixing Clansmen doesn't float his boat any more why not try advise him on what else the R Sigs can offer.

    Remember better in than out especially within your own Corps.
  15. Don't be an RE C3S. Whilst you may end up as a field section sig chances are you will just be in a CV or when on tour in the ops room. If you want to re trade to the RE and can recommend POM or Fitter as good trades. You get your C plus E, H and G licenses plus your trade quals. You actually do your job day in day out as oppossed to doing websters jobs.