Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by japseyewarrior, May 5, 2007.

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  1. im thinking of changing trade from cs op to electrician, just thinking what you guys rekon to it, im 3 quarters of my way through basic so id have to act pretty wuick i think, thanks
  2. I reckon your spelling is about right to be an Elec.
    However if you want to be paid lower band rages, and once you hit fullscrew wait years for your third, you're making the right choice.
  3. Simply not true; (A GOOD) electrician can gain promotion just as quick as a (Face Timing) Operator! I see it happen every year! Plus you can always change trade yet again, dismissing any theories/Myths these old sweats may preach to you. Go for what you want brother.
  4. i think you will get fobbed off when you approach the pso. unless you have a rock solid reason why you want to change... bear this in mind and state your case slearly with alot of thought behind it. saying you are excited about generators is not a valid reason.

    what are your reasons?
  5. Getsum, I take it you're an Elec?
  6. I can understand why you would come to that conclusion; however the Radio Relay status was far more appealing! And lets face it the BEST soldiers are those few who rise to the challenge of becoming 1.

    Tumble Weed,,,,,,,

    Calling all Relay Ops,,, May need backup for this one? :oops:
  7. Challenge? :twisted:
  8. Aw gawd..... relay ops - 'You blah blah blah Ops can't lift a SCAM 12' over and over

    but you can't manage to turn the bloomin TACE knob for the correct bit rate ....

    My 2nd trade was Relay, don't tell SCAM_12 Jedi. He thinks I'm just a handbag
  9. Chaps you must have mistaken me for GetSum Gurung!!! Oh dear!!!
  10. Sh*t the bed, just noticed this in my profile as a thread started by me! That'll teach me to leave myself logged on a public computer :D Tarnishing my good character with such illiteracy, how dare he!
  12. EDs smell like a Tesco petrol station.
  13. Royal Signals Elec thank you guru :wink:

    We dont smell that good.
  14. I meant the one in Aldershot !

  15. Yep, fair one :wink: