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Discussion in 'REME' started by skintboymike, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. I've been forced to transfer for medical reasons and I don't want to remain in the RLC. I like the sound of Tech Storeman, and checked out the ArmyNet jobs section, but it doesn't answer the obvious questions;

    1. Are there good prospects for quick promotion? (I am a Cpl with 12 yrs left)
    2. Can I keep my rank on transfer?
    3. Are there many trade related courses which I could take which would benefit me after I leave the army?
    4. I left school with no qualifications. Some trades have strict entry requirements, but normally this is just to filter out all the thickies. Is this the case, or can I do an ability assessment on entry?
    5. What are the chances of regular postings to Germany? (My wife is German)
    6. Are there any perks?

    Any helpful answers are appreciated, cheers.
  2. Promotion in storeman trade is not great. Trade course is only about 4 weeks long though, doesn't take long to stack and count blankets!!! Load of postings in Germany, where ever there are vm's there will be a storeman. Perk's??? You get hassled by us Vm's and can get alsorts out of the demand system. Dont think you need any qual's, other than drinking brews, playing cards and saying no to issueing tool......"Tools are for storeing, not for using" Think you keep your rank too... hope that helps
  3. Transfer to Tech Stmn now, as there is a major shortage of Sgt's , if you keep your rank, which is the norm then you will probably not wait long after your class 1 befor getting promoted. There is postings in germany but not many as a Sgt, as most of the postings have been downgraded to a Cpl. You will probably have to go to a BN as most have 4 Cpl's and 2 Sgt's. The only quals you get are C&G pt 1 and 2 in Technical storekeeping but you can get a NVQ in Wharehousing and Distribution. Apart from the usuall HGV1 there isn't much else.
  4. I made a somewhat tentative enquiry about transfering to Tech Stmn a little while ago and was told that REME are only interested in people who want to be VMs, Armourers of Recy Mechs. Something to do with former Regt Specs flooding into the trade...
  5. Does anyone know the entry requirements for the aforementioned trades? (By the way guys, cheers for your help)
  6. Apparently you need only to be able to draw any tool from memory; theres no requirement to know what it is for or indeed even how it is used.
  7. You have to be able to draw from memory because the Tech Storemen never let you draw anything from the stores.
  8. I had an interview with my boss last week and was told (from the BEME) that Transferring can take as long as 2 years and I drop to the rank of Crafty. Does anybody else know of any info to the contrary? I get the impression I'm being given bad info to put me off.
  9. part bolliks part true.

    yes revert to crafty for about 6 months

    No, whole process shouldnt take longer than a few months once paperwork submitted, have a look on the army.mod site. Guidelines for transfering are on there.

    Sounds like you are being fobbed off for some reason. Are you crap at your job, a welfare case, a ceiling reacher?
  10. I got mumps and my balance has been affected, I won't ever work in a kitchen again as a result. I wish it was just one of the reasons you mentioned, I'd probably be given a bit more direction from my superiors as a result! Did you transfer yourself BadManners?
  11. Job has now changed to Tech support specialist, all G4 jobs, unspec liabilities and apparentley, driving jobs in BN's! Good job, if you remain interested in it. If you hit SNCO level and pad out your CV with some civvy NVQ/ H&S type quals, you are an employable individual. More so than the class 1 full screw "fitter" who I knew, who was taken on as a "bitch" by a BMW dealer because he had only worked on 30 year old technology, and his new boss was a 19 year old apprentice!! oh, how the mighty have fallen! :lol: :twisted: