Retiring abroad?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fingers_1661, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. I will be picking up a British OAP in 15 years (touch wood)

    As I live in Oz, I fully expect it to be what it was when I left the shores of blighty back in 03. I also fully expect that any government between now and then will not remedy the situation... it might pay for a tank of fuel if I'm lucky, at least I haven't got to worry about heating the house.
  2. Hi Taff. I think you'll find the fixed rate will be at whatever it is on the day you qualify for pension (65-ish) rather that what is was in 03.

    Re Heating; If UK based pensioners get heating allowance why shouldn't you (we) receive same for aircon?
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  3. Fingers

    I have always been under the impression that the pension is set at the rate on the day that I officially left UK and that applies to pensioners in any other Commonwealth country. If I am wrong all well and good and I might be able to get two tanks of fuel then.

    I agree with the aircon idea although I reckon it would not cover my bill as the kids seem determined to cool Queensland down by leaving doors and windows open when the AC is on.
  4. I can see what you're trying to do. Someone will bite.
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  5. It has always seemed strange to me that Brit OAP's living in the old [white] commonweath countries [Aust/NZ/Canada/SA,] don't have their pension increases but those who reside in [eg] the USA, do.
    I retired having done just about 42 years worth of work for HMTQ and settled down to life in Spain [no burden on the UK, took out private med insurance etc.,] where I foolishly thought that they would credit me the 5 years [60 to 65] like they do in the UK for the 47 years needed for the full pension...... after all I was still paying tax on my UK pensions .....
    lo and behold! did not happen. Barstewards!
  6. Give it a try mate, then come back and tell us all about it.
  7. An old tale.
    UK Pensioners who live Overseas Fighting for Pension Parity by ending UK Frozen Pension Policy

    That UK Pensioners benefit in the Philippines baffles most who live in the Far East.
    Evidently and I can find no exact definition, UK OAP receive the increase because of a Reciprocal Agreement, just what is reciprocal Nither I or any of my friends know.
    Most strangely I know two pensioners who receive their yearly increases, one lived in France and still corresponds via his old French address, the other has convinced the UK authorities that like the rest of us He does not have Thai Residency granted as a formal matter, only a one year renewable Visa. This visa can be withdrawn for no reason at any time so he has maintained his only place of resident is UK, where he has Right of Abode.
    About four other folk I know have written letters stateing this same fact.
    None have been acknowledged by UK tax office.

  8. Lets face it , there are 1000,s of british retirees living in thailand trying to work the same fiddle!I dont know about aircon allowance for fellow banana benders, cold weather allowance would do us fine here on the darling downs, at the moment average nightly temperature minus 6, but having just returned to gods country after 12 weeks hols, in UK and der vaterland, better a cold bum in queensland, than 1 pound 45 a litre for petrol in sunny Guildford
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  9. The purpose of this thread was to highlight their plight & encourage sympathisers to ask their MP's to sign EDM 1895.

    For the record i'm roughly the same age as Taff in post #2 & a fully paid-up member of the 'National insurance' club.

    Could the Forces Pension Society widen their field of view to inc (Mil) pensioners caught up in this (HMRC) minefield?
  10. Nignoy, I was back on the Sunshine Coast three weeks ago (I work OS in the tropics) and the daytime temp was 21-22 and night was 10-12...not too shabby for winter temps. We rented a house for a while that had no insulation, bloody freezing, the house we bought is fully insulated and is as toasty as in winter and keeps cool in summer.

    I used to live in Surrey near Guildford and can't recall too many sunny days, I can however, recall the pain at the petrol pumps.

    fingers. do you live norf or sarf or god forbid west?
  11. Irrelivant, given the under 65's and EU residents are free to join in.

    (nice try TROLL!)
  12. The rain in my current abode (SE Asia) is considerably warmer than it was in Guildford (or BRECON!)

    Back on topic; I received something of interest this afternoon that will greatly enhance this particular cause when the information becomes public.
  13. The longer you leave claiming the OAP after the age of 65 the more you get.

    If you live in NZ then there is some arrangement whereby the UK govt transfers your pension rights to the NZ govt who then accept the liability for paying you the NZ persion, with increases.