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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Mighty_Lob_On, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    To follow on from my last question, I now know I cant get someones military record to see why they left/were made to leave the US Army...

    Under what circumstances would someone with over 15 years service in the US Army, who has left for 'medical reasons' not be receiving any retirement/pension, and or disability payment from the VA....after being out for 12 months...

    Cant go into too many details at the moment, but this guy is a confirmed liar, fraudster and cheat, and is making my life hell at the minute....

    Thanks in advance of any help.
  2. Dishonorable discharge?
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Why not? Man sound like a dick so do the decent thing and tell all :thumleft:
  4. Is he a Walt?
  5. The VA is very good at giving disability benefits to veterans. Depending on the severity of the case, they can give up to 100% of a service member's base pay for the rest of his/her natural lifespan.

    After 15 years of service, I would like to think that with only one full reenlistment left before the 20 yr mark, it is very likely that your 'friend' was kicked out for reasons that would not make anyone proud.

    Peruse this sites at your leisure. They will probably answer all your questions.
  6. Is it Dogface?
  7. Thanks for the replies so far...

    Would there be any circumstances where he could have bought the remainder of his contract/enlistment, so being free to retire early?

    Also, he had a US.ARMY.MIL email address that has become inactive in the past 2 - 3 months....Are US Army soldiers allowed to keep these email addresses after retirement, or would this be another indicator that he was discharged for other reasons?
  8. I have heard of the possibilty of people buying out their contracts but I have NEVER seen it happen. Unless he hit the jackpot in some lottery, it would be virtually impossible to skip out on his contract.

    Email addresses usually expire on the last day of the job, very often sooner if the service member is on terminal leave. Said accounts can only be accessed from a dot mil or dot gov network anyway so to get to them he would have to have access to a goverment computer. Is/was this guy a civilian contractor who was masquareding as a soldier?

    So, as Chief Joseph asked, is this guy a walt? Are you sure he was in the Army? Getting discharged from the military after 15 years of service is a big deal. There has to be more to the story than you are letting out.

    Until you come clean with the details, you can't be helped.
  9. If he received a medical retirement he would be receiving a check or a direct deposit.
  10. TLF writes

    Don't be daft -15 years was his length of service not his mental (or actual) age.

    Don't know about the US but over here if it was a genuine MD then the poor bugger would get all the benefits unless of course it was a negligent discharge leading to the medical discharge, eg the daft sod shot himself rather than soldier-on.
  11. Nope-hasnt done himself any harm yet (more's the pity....)

    He isnt a walt as such, as he served in Iraq in 2003, but has made some stupendous claims, such as being blown 200m (yes - METRES) by an IED, yet didnt suffer a scratch, hearing loss, nor any other form of trauma...just one of the examples of stories he claims are true, as are the stories appearing in US local media concerning myself....

    Basically - the man is a confirmed liar, a cheat, a fraudster and has had the nerve to question MY integrity in both the media and a US court of law, despite my having documented proof that his claims against me and my family are untrue. Again, cant go into much more detail as its ongoing, but I want to nail the bastard to the wall....

    What sickens me further, is that the man plays on his 'veteran' status. He may well be a veteran, and I dont dispute that, but he's sullying the reputation of so many other veterans with his drivel...
  12. Even though this is a British web site?
  13. Lucky_Jim states

    Since when have the Septics worried about due process. Mighty_Lob_On is right to be concerned, this is the nation that kidnaps foreign nationals in foreign lands and imprisons them without trial in a part of a country they don't even recognise. Long live the rule of law!!