My wife and myself became pensioners a few years back and people often ask us how we pass the time and do we get bored a lot. We pass the time quite well actually, for instance..we were shopping in town the other day and when we came out of the shop, a policeman was ticketing the car because it was on double yellows. I went up to him and said. " Why can't you coppers be a bit more OAP friendly ? " He just glowered at me and carried on writing. My wife called him a fascist shit head and he slapped another ticket on. I told him not to be a prat all of his life. He glared back at me and slapped on another ticket. A small crowd had gathered by now and were all taking the mickey out of him. He really lost it. He slapped more tickets on the screen, which was hardly visible by now and got on his radio and called for assistance, threatening to arrest everyone and so they all dispersed. He cancelled his backup call, smirked at us and swaggered off.

We could not have cared less..
We came on the bus.
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