Retired Soldier in need of advice

Hello Folks
I have an elderly relative who is due his pension. He did his time in the mob but since getting out in the 70s has been living in Mexico.
He reckons that now he is due his pension, he has been told that it cannot be paid into a Mexican Bank account and that he has to open a UK account to receive his money.
This in turn neccesitates producing UK utility bills etc as proof of identity, which, obviously he can't due to living in Mexico for 30 odd years.
To be honest I was hoping one of you guys might have some advice on a way round it. I just find it hard to believe that in this day and age, they can't send the money anywhere so long as he can show who he is via a passport or id card etc?
Anyway, all advice is greatly appreciated and if it helps the old fella sort his admin out then I'll square you away with a yellow handbag.
Hmmm. Good question! The whole country revolves around utility bills etc as a means of identification, even though they are easily faked.

I have heard that the Government does not like paying money to overseas accounts (except for Child Benefit and family tax credits where it is almost compulsory to be living overseas....).

Has your friend actually been told by the Pensions Dept that he has to identify himself in that way, or is that his interpretation?

I suggest that he try talking to the big banks (HSBC, Barclays, Standard Chartered etc) to see if they will allow him to open a UK based account from Mexico. An accommodation address will be easy to acquire. For a um, small fee, Litotes Towers is available!

I am also living on the other side of the pond,and my pension cheque is sent here to me , which I then deposit into my local bank account. My bank is RBC and it usually takes then 2/3 weeks to verify the cheque.
Why not open an account in your name and transfer the money for him? After all they want an account number to pay into, nothing more.
I live in Abu Dhabi and have my pension paid into a Jersey based offshore account (in dollars). Whilst setting this up the pension people (Xafinity Paymaster in Crawley) cocked up and sent me the application form to have it paid into a bank account in USA so I find it difficult to believe that they can't send it to Mexico as long as they have an IBAN number to send it to.

They are not particulary efficient and it sounds more like a case of 'cannot be arsed to sort it out!

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