Retired Mess member Policies

Excuse the intrusion gentlemen (and ladies). I have a query, and a bet on, which my mucka says I am going to lose

I maintain, right or wrong, and if I am wrong I apologise, here and now, that a retired mess member, substansive sergeant (eg.> me) wouldn't get back into a mess having been out (retired) for fifteen years.

My mate says it IS possible, but if you are still on reserve and still have a mess dress ( no I don't). There's no question of "Waltish", or anything other than.... it would be nice to have a pint or two in a Mess, perhaps, one day, again.

Thanks for giving me some space here.
Get a current Mess member to invite you in for a few beers.
Become a Civil Servant and barge your way in?


A Mess member can invite you in as his guest.

If you are on about actually joining though, you can be voted in as an honorary Mess member. Knowing people in the particular Mess you wish to join is obviously an advantage, as they can state your background, reasons for wanting to join, and generally confirm you are a good egg and will support the Mess. This will be put forward at a suitable Mess meeting, and you will be voted in (or not!). Rules differ from Mess to Mess, but your membership is normally voted for on a yearly basis.
You could be invited in as a guest, or you could be made an Honoury Member.

Because you are no longer serving, you wouldn't need mess dress.

I am not sure about the reserve bit. I suppose, in that case, you could be made an honoury member of a mess (Corps)/or would stay a member of your parent regiment mess (Inf/RAC), and you could still wear your mess dress as you are still a Sgt.
If you have been a Senior NCO or Warrant Officer, write to the RSM/GSM of the Mess you would like to attended and ask if you can apply to be an honorary member. (It’s always good to have some connection with the particular mess you are thinking of joining, ie was a full member in the past, same regiment or other affiliation)

Your application will then be put to the vote, and if passed you become a non-voting honorary member (annually renewed). When an official function happens you will be able to attend in “black tie” along with your wife as required and most other functions.

If all you want is to go to the mess with your mate for a drink, I am sure you will be most welcome. You will be his guest and he is responsible for your behaviour as he would if he took in his parents or other guests.

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