Retired Det Supt Nick Biddiss News of the World and recent BBC News Report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - News of the World naming Kenneth Noye 'put officers at risk'

    ON another thread I did say that efforts were being made to contact Nick Biddiss.

    I am pleased to say that he phoned today and we engaged in a full and frank discussion for 35 minutes.

    Firstly. When a retired officer takes the trouble to phone and set out his stall he has my respect. So Mr Biddiss has my respect.

    Out of the discussion matters arose that I find very worrying.

    In 1996 Mr Biddiss headed two murder inquiries. The Stephen Cameron road rage killing (Kenny Noye) and the burglar strangulation of retired MI5 officer Ken Speakman in Ramsgate whose gun collection was stolen. The murder and burglary for which a former French Foreign Legion man Anthony Swindells was convicted.

    The discussion centred on the Speakman case.

    It emerged that a police warrant raid, allegedly seeking Ken Speakman's stolen guns, that was in fact mentioned on the Shortt threads on Arrse, was a raid of which the murder case officer Det Supt Biddiss apparently had no knowledge.

    What was reported on the Shortt threads was that the officers conducting that warrant raid already had a surname TOMBS as a suspect in the Ken Speakman murder.

    At the time of that warrant raid Mr Swindells was not even listed as a suspect.

    He became a suspect after being shot by a householder near the 6th Thanet Gun Range at Birchington. Swindells had broken into the house and ended up being shot and wounded. When he was arrested he was found to be carrying Ken Speakman's gun collection.

    In custody Swindells proffered a confession to the 1996 doorstep assault on elderly Margaret Mortlock. This was a late night assault by a combat suited man who forced entry. Mrs Mortlock hit him with a vase and got his ski mask off thus being able to give an accurate description to police. A description that does not match Swindells.

    In custody Swindells gave the defence admitting to burgling Ken Speakman but saying it was an accomplice he knew as "Billy Tombs" who killed elderly Ken Speakman.

    As far as Supt Biddiss knows this was the first time the name Tombs was raised with the murder inquiry.

    He said that every Tombs in UK was checked.

    On the subject of not using the TIC confession to the assault on Mrs Mortlock he hypothesised that may be standard as it avoids legal complications in a murder indictment.

    However I was left with the belief that Mr Biddiss did not know that Swindells had confessed to the Mrs Mortlock assault. I say this because Mr Biddiss had never heard of Mrs Mortlock or an assault.

    He certainly did not know when checking every Tombs in UK that the name may already have been known to the police who allegedly conducted a warrant raid purportedly as part of the murder inquiry. He remained throughout of the belief that Swindells was the first person to introduce the name to police. That it was an invention of Swindells which was the CID evidence given at the murder trial.

    He could not, therefore have known, that Malcolm John Tombs (Head of the Professional Bodyguards Assn) exactly matched the description given by Mrs Mortlock. I am not accusing Malcolm Tombs. Plenty of people answer that description. I am making the point that the Det Supt heading a murder inquiry was in the dark when he checked every Tombs in UK.

    The same officer that refused Swindells confession to the assault on Mrs Mortlock also snubbed a request, during the Speakman murder inquiry, from Thanet HM Coroner to re-examine a 1978 sudden death case.

    And again my impression is that this DI could not have informed the Det Supt in charge of the murder inquiry.

    The officer refusing HM Coroner request and refusing the confession to the Mrs Mortlock assault was a case officer on the 1989 IRA bombing of Deal Barracks case.

    It appears that the officer running the warrant raid allegedly seeking Ken Speakman's stolen guns, purportedly part of Mr Biddis murder inquiry, was Deputy Senior CID of the Deal Barracks bombing case.

    I repeat Mr Biddiss phoned me. There was a frank exchange and I respect him as an honest officer now retired. An honourable man.

    That said there is something seriously wrong. Officers from the open case Deal bombing inquiry appear to have been undermining a murder inquiry. Even to the extent of possibly perjuring at the murder trial. It appears that matters concealed from the Det Supt in charge were all of one theme. Stopping the Deal Barracks security warnings (given in advance of the 1989 bombing) featuring in the 1996 Ken Speakman retd MI5 officer murder inquiry.

    Some of you may actually be concerned that in 88 and 89 a number of people went to Kent Police to raise security warnings against Deal Barracks. Eleven Royal Marines later lost their lives in an IRA bombing there. It emerged later that Kent Police had not acted on the security warnings. It emerged later that the bombing inquiry was run in such a way that the security warnings did not feature in any case reports or lines of inquiry.

    Arrse had its fun with Shortty.

    It has been suggested that I at least try to provide Arrse with this information. It is difficult to convey without lapsing into a mass of case details.

    I have tried to do this. May the 11 Royal Marines rest in peace. We tried to get them better security. Obviously we failed to get Kent Police to do their duty.

    But it ain't over. Do you really believe lessons have been learned ?

    Well I told you. Some of you may appreciate it. Others may wish to mock.

    But well done Mr Biddiss. F-cking well done. The only Kent copper who would stand up and set out his stall. At the end of it he may have left with more to think about than when he started but he had a go.
  2. It's common knowledge the leaked intel about the Kenny Noye case came from old bill via "Southern Investigations" in Thornton Heath High Street.

    Linky: Jonathan Rees: private investigator who ran empire of tabloid corruption | Media | The Guardian
  3. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Oh heck, hes back. Knocknee I mean.
  4. He may be back but I'll give him a fair hearing, as I would you or anyone on here [except Whet/Sven]
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  5. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    exile, I'll hear him out, but KK is going over well trodden ground over and over again. I remain sceptical that he has any evidence or even conjecture which will stand up to scrutiny.

    I'm with you on whet................
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    interesting that scotland yard is 182 years old and the news of the world was a 168 - how long were they connected?

    was queen victoria the victim of a telegram hacking scandal =|

  7. I'm sorry - why shouldn't I give someone I've never heard of a fair hearing?
  8. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Um no, either you have misunderstood the exchange between myself and exile1 or you have twisted it to your own purposes.

    To summarise, I agreed with exile1 that your views are pointless, mainly self-serving (as your post here is) , almost always unreasoning, frequently contradictory, sometimes just plain daft, usually argumentative, and ultimately a complete waste of my life for typing the previous 300 odd letters. I chastise myself for replying.

    Not the sort of chastisement that MDN would do, but a rather mild chastisement involving me drinking a supermarket own brand port with an inferior blue cheese.