Retired Defence Chiefs say stop prosecuting our troops

It is easier to speak out from pension side (yeah the old 5*s get full pay- they say) than it is from a ‘still serving’ perspective. While the comments of the former CDSs are welcome, very likely heart felt and loyal I wish serving Heads of Service and the CDS would be as 'off message'.

Okay, HMAF are supposed to be apolitical but we are being politicised and (for the front line troops) metaphorically sacrificed.

Apolitical? Not under Neu Arbeit.
LWM wrote:
Non-Political?.............depends whether or not you want a peerage
Quite. If it was me (dream on) I'd be happy with an Admiral's pension no peerage and knowing that I'd stuck up for the boys and girls against slimy politicians and lobbiests expecting me to be have SS like obedience.

To be fair to Admiral Boyce, he did question the legality of Telic before the event.
Admiral Boyce did, and embarrased TCH into the bargain. He still has a rum ration card behind my bar.
How amusing to read that that duplicitous dishonest lying tw@t FM Lord Inge is concerned about troops losing faith and trust in the Chain of Command! After how he and his coven behaved during the 1990s cuts and mergers, he managed almost single handedly to destroy our faith and trust in the w-anchors sitting in the Whitehall Ivory Tower. Cnut.
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