Retired? Community Service or Lose Your Pension - Lord Bichard

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Lord Bichard: Retired people could work for pensions

    Not that I'm a pensioner but I'm fucking well getting there quicker than I like. And I have plans for my state pension. I'm going to spend the lot on viagra and fuck off on a world tour, not spend my late sixties or seventies in an environment that stinks of cabbage and shit, spoon feeding some 99 year old bedridden wheezy fucker.

    Lord Bichard, you truly are a cunt.
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  2. He can fuck right off.
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  3. So in laymens terms: I've paid towards the elderly etc out of my NI contributions and various taxes, fair enough but by the time I come to claim my state pensions (a fair few years to go yet) if there is one I may well have to earn I that too? Next I will be getting taxed on it as well
  4. as mentioned in the article

    i think we require a more radical solution for you old duffers.

    happy birthday.jpg
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  5. Too fucking right you will. The State Pension is tax free BUT if you have a private pension as well, the bastards lump the two together, and tax you on the lot. Shitcunts.
  6. He is the sort of person that "Jarrods law" was designed for..
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  7. I didn't know that .... CUUUUUUUUNNNNNTS!
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  8. I wouldn't get too worried. They can't make criminals do their community service and they won't cut their benefit so there's no chance they'll do anything about it.
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  9. This isn't some poor, misunderstood youth who had the system fail him this is about law abiding people who've made an honest living and paid their way all their life, they'll come down like a ton of bricks because the pensioners don't know their human rights and how to fiddle the system and as such are an easy target.
  10. This is true. It never ceases to amaze that successive governments are eager to appear to target the easy targets when it comes to state handouts (I hate that word as I know a pension isn't a handout but I used it for context) but never seem to make any real effort to target the real drain. The long term unemployed.... Ie lazy cunts.
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  11. I'd rather not have a fucking state pension than be dictated to in my dotage. I'll take my army pension, savings and accumulated monies from selling my houses and fuck off somewhere hot and filled with flirty, dirty trollops.

    I'd sign the missus up for community service mind, I'm sure she'd be happy to stay back and do her bit whilst I went a' wandering.
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  12. Not so fast I need to pack, i'm not stopping here. Where's Matt we can go and stay with him.
  13. So, when I'm 65 I will have to (as been alluded) spoonfeed some old fossil for my hand out whilst the long term unemployed will be doing what exactly?

    Fuck Them!
  14. Having read the article it really strikes me as being a typical piece of nonsense from a member of the establishment who is totally out of touch with the realities of everyday NORMAL life in todays Britain! This is a person who is/was a civil servant, now probably on a gold plated, index linked pension, as well as having his snout in the trough of Westminster! If the moron stopped to think for one second and looked at these figures "Unemployment peaked at almost 2.7 million at the end of 2011, its highest level for 17 years.", he might realise, as the rest of us do, that he is talking out of his arse!
    If there are jobs to be done, get some of the 2.7 million unemployed to do them! FFS the reason given by of much of the chattering classes for the huge number of immigrants here is the fact that they cant get enough people to do certain jobs. Before idiots like Lord Richard start spouting this crap, we must ensure we utilise people on benefits to do these unpopular jobs or stop their benefits. When unemployment is down to below 500,000, then start suggesting the old folk who are fit & able take up work, voluntary or otherwise! BUT first ensuring that he and the other retired political tossers are the first to soil their hands with what would be for most of them, the first HONEST days work they have done in their lives!! :-(
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  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Lord (I got my KCB and peerage after helping Blunkett try to cover up the fact he was knobbing his secretary) Bichard?

    Although it could be seen as an opportunity for old codgers to pull someone in their own age group....