Retired Colonel released by Police

Lieutenant Colonel Aubrey de La Haye, (67), a retired army officer from Richmond, North Yorkshire was today released from police custody in Kelso following an “unfortunate series of events,” that have left the Colonel embarrassed and fishermen up and down the Tweed furious at being brought into disrepute.

Lieutenant Colonel de La Haye was fishing last Saturday on the Tweedswood beat, on the last day of the season. After suffering a seizure whilst attempting to land a 23lb salmon he was pulled to the bank by ghillie, Kevin Patterson. An ambulance was called but as paramedics stripped off his waders and jacket they were shocked to find the Colonel was wearing a full set of ladies lingerie. Doctors later called police for advice, given the river bank abuts a public footpath near a local hotel and Colonel de La Haye was arrested on his release from hospital on suspicion of lewd and libidinous behaviour.

Inspector Dennis Christie said in response to questions, “I am led to understand that there is a belief among fishermen that the scent, or pheromones, from ladies articles of clothing elicit an aggressive response from the salmon. It appears the gentleman took this belief to an extreme. His actions appear to have had an innocent but naive motive.”

Local fisherman were reluctant to confirm this opinion but one who refused to be named suggested that some fishermen did indeed believe this to be true and even resorted to tying flies with the “body,” hair from helpful females.

It was reported that the salmon was successful landed by the ghillie, Mr Patterson.
Got a link?

Now as long as this isn't a wah (and it sounds like it would be a cracker) what justification was there for him to be arrested? He was stripped off by the paramedics. I doubt he got an option. More unnecessary and pointless police interference.

Even so, good form by the old git. Does it merit an invitation to a booties do? He'd fit right in there :D

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