retired capt or major

Discussion in 'Officers' started by mountain, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. gentlemen can anyone out there tell me the most junior rank of a commissioned offr that can add retired at the end of his name. is it a capt or a major.
    thanks theres money on the answer, ill by u a pintfor the right answer :? :?
  2. Major. But you'd have to be fairly sad to keep using it.

    I think the authority for it comes from QR's. I'm not at work at the moment, but will have a look in the morning.
  3. Or work on a range complex somewhere..................
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  4. I believe that Major is the lower limit, however I have seen a good few Capt(Retd) signature blocks on e-mails - and even on a brass plate on someones office door.
  5. I think this is the answer:

    QRs Annex C To Ch 9

    Edited to add - If an officer retires on a pension from SSC then he/she would be a Capt as you can't be promoted to Maj these days unless you hold IRC as a minimum. Therefore the lowest rank can be Capt (Retd). I have seen this before, but mainly in the case of a small number of sad, very sad LE officers.
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  6. What about the famous Captain Peacock!
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  7. bonzo dog ref ur reply u only mentioned reg offrs. does it still stand for TA?
  8. I have absolutely no idea and can't find TA regs online. Perhaps one of our more senior TA posters can help.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Done before. Capt is the first field rank although with the caveat that the post of Adjt goes with it.

    Capt Mark Phillips was the sad sod that most people used as an example of using retd rank.
  10. I love his wikipedia entry:

    :D :D
  11. Every dog has his day!

    I sent my retirement letter yesterday, so I was looking at the TA Regs 1978 Amdt 31 terms of service in detail. (and no I won't be using the "(retd) marker.....Anyone who does on retirement these days would appear a right chod. Retirement is a bit more controlled and prehaps a more graceful way to leave.

    It was just cleaner and better than a resignation aka Sir Ian Blair style.

    Well TA regs does not mention rank at all, just that you need to complete 10 years service and you will be 'retired' in your substantive rank.
    Apply to CO and give 3 months notice!
  12. Other examples are Captain (Retd) Fantastic (and the Brown Dirt Cowboy). Captain Fantastic is now an RO in Wilton. He can regularly be seen in the bar at Friday lunch time, swinging the lamp about the music business in the 70s with his fellow ROs Captain Sensible and Captain and Tenille.
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  13. Damn ! That gets you a free drink when (if ever ) we meet :D :D

  14. Not to forget Captain Robert Maxwell,M.C.,------ :?
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  15. The bouncing czech....
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