Retire, then work or lose pension

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by slick, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Just been posted over on the BBC website BBC News - Lord Bichard: Retired people could work for pensions

    Bit of a wacky idea seeing that most people have paid for their pensions with contributions from their wages already.
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  2. The moribund can still offer something to society.
  3. Lord Bichard. Knight in the Order of the Bath, life peer Baron Bichard, of Nailsworth? Spent most of his time in councils and on committees. And an Ex Chief Exec of the Benefits Agency, that fantastic institution. Apparently loves sitting in Chairs and social climbing. He's in the perfect position to comment on our elderly and how to solve the pensions crisis by getting all the old folks working or face penalties. Brilliant. Just imagine, we could turn Nursing Homes in to call centres, close all the day centres and demolish all the retirement homes those horrible geriatrics inhabit. That is of course, if they haven't all been starved to death before the elderly labour schemes come in.
  4. No they haven't. They've paid towards it. They're effectively subsidised by people who are currently working, and it's unsustainable.

    I think this particular idea is shit, but it's good to see such problems being addressed.
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  5. beats me why we d'ont just put "work makes you free" on the hmrc paperwork,just another way of keeping the F ing pelps in thier place at least maxwell had the decency to jump overboard when it was discovered he had ripped the pension scheme off,can anyone see the "means tested state pension" coming in a few years.
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  6. And why ever not? Geriatrics with senile dementia can still work for the government in the House of Lords
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  7. Hold on there.

    See how the obvious obvious linguistic mistake.
    If you are working, you are not retired.
    As to the political point. If you let them, they will do it to you.
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  8. Indeed, poor choice of words on my part.
  9. Actually I can sort of see the point of means tested pensions but it should have the priviso that if you fall outside of the bracket for getting a state pension then you can claim back all the monies you paid into the system throughout your working life.
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  10. As per the Naafi thread...

    They can **** right off.
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  11. Wrong.

    The Basic State pension is not funded; your NICs go to those who currently draw benefit. You have no "pot" of money, I'm afraid.
  12. So whats the clever M'luds cunning plan if foreign national me and my foreign national mrs bugger off and draw our pensions overseas?
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  13. Beat you to it. Me and a few other Arrsers that is.
  14. They'll send you some roads to sweep.
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  15. You will be required to report to the nearest British Embassy or equivilant (or nominated 3rd countries consulate) to carry out taskings as required and directed by the local staff.

    Or you dont get the cash!