The Bounty is widely put forward asa key tool in retaining sioldiers in the TA and other reserve forces.

However soldiers are still leaving after a four to six year point taking with them an investment in training and experience, so the TA and army as a whole looses. Mnay leave even earlier, far too many seem to go after just two or three years

I must admit for my part that the Bounty is an important retention tool.

So given that a lot of faith is put in the existing bounty as a way of retaining soldeirs, but its clearly not doing so for long enough, isn't there a real case fo examining a total package which would make it more difficult for soldiers to leave?

Is it enough to accept things the way they are rather than look for new ways to get people in and then keep them?

Yes this is about pensions and bounty but also training, learning credits and new ways of maintianing the flow of recruits and making the most of the investment in the people we have and want to keep.

Want to retain people ? It's not about carrots to lure them in or complicated incentives, it's about making them decide after each and every weekend to come back. The day they decide that effort in is not balanced by the rewards (tangible and intangible) they walk. I know I will when that day comes.

Unfortunately, we've done a lot recently to raise the bar for effort in and reduce the benefits out, so in no particular order:

PAY PEOPLE ON TIME. I know it's an Army wide problem, but TA soldiers get paid promptly and correctly by their civvy employer so they know there's a better way - the regs may be conditioned to accept being treated like crap by the pay system but our recruits are not. So they leave.

Sort out the shambles that is CMS. Our recruits are getting demotivated on day one as they get fed into a lowest common denominator sausage machine and lose sight of why they joined in the first place. The bars against teaching them or doing things with them on weekends don't help - we have to ring and check exactly what we can do and being the one who can't join in is hardly motivating. And the admin f@ckups for course dates, last minute notifications .... Yes, I know, standards and all that, someone else's fault blah blah blah So they leave.

Bone training - take a soldier just back from deployment, put him on some bone weekend without any of the kit he's used to using in theatre - not motivating for him or anyone else he talks to. So they leave.

Lousy admin for courses and exercises - "we need 6 people for next week", "course has been cancelled, did no-one tell you ?" Lack of planning, lack of understanding of the lead times the TA need. So they leave.

MATTs - time required in the real world to pass now increased, instructors quals lapsed so not enough - yet more stress. Oh, and combine this all with a computer system change that means you can't extend the training year. So they leave.

Closure of TACs - TAC 5 mins away, easy to tip up. Hours drive, hmmmm. So they leave.

And don't forget the whole least popular wars in living memory thing as well.

It's not the bounty, it's the whole package.
I agree. Especially on the MATTs tests or for example the re-branding of drivers, where they have to do one thing to pass a test, then another for a trailer, then another for a minibus, then a long wheelbase etc. You end up waiting for 3 years to get someone qualified that used to drive everything on one civvie licence after a w/e conversion course.

As you state, people get fed up and walk. :frustrated:
^ And breath.... Totally agree with the bone training with recruits but when Brigade tie your hands and tell you not to teach anything other than what they lay down, then of course it will be bone. We tend to teach them plenty of other stuff anyway, purely to keep the appeal.

An anagram of 'nit on reet' which makes about as much sense as the TA's retention efforts.

The answer?, just keep on recruiting.......
Wingletang said:

An anagram of 'nit on reet' which makes about as much sense as the TA's retention efforts.

The answer?, just keep on recruiting.......
In the current climate, no wait, perhaps I have a valid explanation....

Top Tips to aid Retention:

1. Post in Offrs and Soldiers who don't want to be there, make it quite plain they don't and then spend their entire tour doing fcuk all for the TA.

2. Treat the TA like sh1te.

3. Introduce a complicated testing system without any forethought (even though you say TA were consulted) and then, to make matters worse, allow no transitional period! Pass all or no bounty but you're not getting the pre training.

4. Cancel courses at no notice, even though the poor TA soldier has run the gauntlet of crap from his civvi employer, who now thinks that the TA is a bigger joke than he originally did.

5. Send the TA on Ops with their regular counterparts in a 'one army concept environment' then refer back to point 2 and treat them like sh1te.

6. Use the TA as a black economy labour force during the week, without caring whether or not they attend at the weekend to bail their pals out, as long as they're there Tuesday to Friday.

7. Pay them late.

8. Don't pay them at all. Let some useless cnut allow them to 'run out' so they can spend 3 months getting back on line.

9. Hold a grudge against them because they get a bounty, unlike you, who merely get half your life off whilst attached to the TA.

10. If ever unsure as to how to treat the TA, always refer back to point 2 and treat them like sh1te.

(an extract from the hugely popular read "How to make a positive impact on the Territorial Army and aid retention")
msr said:

For Point 1) and 2) Ensure that this applies to your CO and Adjt as they will set the tone for the rest of the permanent staff.

And for Point 4) Delete 'courses' and add 'operations / courses'

Alternatively, see here:

Just read that thread, what a top bloke!

To be fair, I've served with many regulars, officers and soldiers alike, some of whom I would follow to the end of the earth. Unfortunately for the good guys, and this flies in the face of normality, it is the experiences of the minority that form our opinions.

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