Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 1772hart, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. I just wondering if any other TA soldier have felt let down by the Army and/or their units?

    It seems i have had nothing but problems in the past 12 months with no answers except for the stock one of "Its the army get used to it" but that doesnt account help me reclaim lost earnings or help with the injuries ive recieved.

    Whats everyone else's views?
  2. it's a sad fact that our organisation lets people down on a regular basis, be it with simple things such as not being allowed to claim T&S when its owed, to not receiving the appropriate medical care & aftercare when its needed.

    thats not to say there is no scope within the system to sort out problems, its just the information is difficult to find for the average tom. needless to say there are instances where help can be given, yet is not, due to the apathy of an individual in a kep appointment.

    Things are getting better, but not so quickly that you'll notice.

    are you just back from OP's / FTRS etc...?
  3. Pay is almost always a let down, late, wrong and short as a general rule.

    Bounties in contrast are usually just late, very late.

    The army has let me down over FTRS applications, three in total.

    Cap badge prejudice over training and courses, if I were REME they would spare no effort on my behalf as RAMC attached they cannot be arrsed, not that the AMS makes life easy!

    Being told to f**ck off and buy kit rather than get it exchanged and/or issued.

    In a previous unit my Sqdn OC, a RE major forgot to put me on the promotions board since I had taken a month off due to death in the family. When I raised it as an issue he said "I'll look a right C**nt if I go and tell the CO I forgot to put you forward. I'll buy you a pint instead and promote you next year!" Rightly or wrongly I felt let down by that.

    CMT (V) have been badly let down by AMS over role, employability, qualifications and their future which is still as clear as mud.

    However in the interests of fairness, I must say the army has also helped me at times, sometimes when least expected. The army welfare system has at times been helpful when doing full time service.

    The army has a tradition of letting people down, in the 50's they made a film with David Niven about it "Carrington VC". Its just the way the army is.

  4. Well dont get me wrong the army has done a lot for me. But over all I feel let down and underappreciated. This forum is just to get an idea of what the general consensus is.

    I have been on ops recently. I go whenever I can!
  5. It's almost always a case of aspiration over reality. The left hand rarely knows what the right hand is doing and the infrastructure to support new initiatives is rarely there.

    When T Mobile expanded rapidly recently, they failed to increase the number of people in their call centre and the service plummeted. As a result, they lost customers hand over fist and had to rapidly reinforce their service facility (at huge cost) to avoid meltdown.

    Aka - Glasgow, Chilwell, RTCs etc....
  6. Thats a valid point. The economic structure of Britain seems to be focused on everythin but defense matters with MOD cuts right and left.

    Yet with all these cuts do the High paid government officials doing nothing all day get the axe? Nope, its the soldier with no exercise time as blanks are too exspensive.

    The refusal to renew equipment, the lack of repair of vehicles and buildings and worst of all the amalgamation of units with years of history seemingly shrugged off for the "modern" army.

    FAS my arrse
  7. Hmmmmm always be warey of someone who's first post sounds like the kind of question a Journo would ask!!!
  8. The army did screw me when I broke my arm. they have changed the rules now, so I would be ok. But at the time comming back off tour and then getting demobbed with my arm in plaster still broken. I tried the local MP , got me no where really.
  9. Its a question of 'just enough' or 'well looked after'.

    In my experience, it's the former for the TA and the latter if you are Regular. I don't think that anythings changed as a result of FAS(TA) or increasing mobilisation.
  10. Ive been accused of a lot of things but not being a "Journo". FAS(TA) just seems to consist of computerising the paper trail.

    All the other changes seem very superficial with no real consequence. Of course i could be wrong about this.
  11. You're, clearly, a mark 1 Pen1s.
  12. ...what a suggestion!

    Could that be possible?