RETENTION What a joke!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by geordie-ted, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Soldier in my unit has been employed by 15 Bde recruiting team for months and has done well over 117 days ( Sanctioned by BDE). He has now been refused extension to MTD's to complete his MATT's. He has done no training since Nov due to lack of response from LAND ref his MTD Extension.
    He has now been told he must complete his MATT's on C1 trg. Distinct possibility this same guy will deploy on next TELIC.
    What a recruiting and retention advert this guy is.
    Help get them in at your own expense??
  2. Every time 15 Bde involved it becomes a joke
  3. GT,

    You say your mate has not done any trg since November and has been unable to complete MATTS for bounty. 15 Bde RTC conducted MATTs trg in November, where was he?.

    I, like some others have been extended for extra days, don't know why your friend hasn't.

    Is he an Instructor with the RTC, Why was he dealing with land direct and not using the COC, eg PSAO at the RTC.

    If he is a qualified Instructor willing to put the days in I can think of a number of people who would fight his corner.

    Interested in your Reply.
  4. He has been working for recruiting team not the RTC.
    He has been dealing with the COC,
    Unforutnatley COC at our unit seem unable to to get any assistance from 15 Bde who put the blame at LAND.He was told that application had gone in during November, only last night was he informed that extension had been turned down.
  5. Sounds like the problem is with your unit and Land. If your mate had been apart of the RTC, the outcome would have been different.

    I know that once you have so many days in (not sure how many) you are entitled to paid leave.

    Maybe if your unit is letting him down, and he has the necessary quals he should consider joining the RTC.

    Remember 15 Bde RTC now has three elements Core courses, OTW and Phase 1

    I was convinced this would be a genuine joke possible containing the word **** in it... maybe even something to do with large vegetables...

    Please think about your subject titles in future!
  7. GT, 2 points:

    1. MATTS are the responsibility of every individual soldier. Your mate should have made sure he was on the first MATTS w/e.

    2. If he's doing 117 days, why isn't he in the regular army?
  8. u have the Queens regs up your arse.this has been happening for years,while some lazy bastard trg officer has been ski-ing,the t.a jundee has been doing his job for him,then get's shat on from a great hight.just t.a ,nothing changes. inshalla
  9. msr

    msr LE


    If your personal admin is in such a poor state that you cannot co-ordinate a weekend worth GBP1,500 then quite frankly, you shouldn't be an instructor.

  10. unfortunatley msr. I live in the real world.I put 20 years into the t.a,lost a handful of jobs as a result.serious injuries to boot.and i take your comments with a pinch of salt.I've put my time in and got the medals to prove it,sorry that we all can't just drop what we are doing and **** off to the t.a every chance we get.hey but what do I
  11. Flipside is. Someone in his CoC should have made sure that this bod did attend a MATTS weekend. If you've got rank, you look after your juniors. If you can't be bothered to look after the men you're in charge of, hand the rank back. End of Story.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Conversely, if he holds rank himself, by default he must have been in the system for some time, and knows that he has training he has to complete in order to earn bounty.

    The rank/responsibility argument runs both up and down the scale.
  13. It's down to the individual to get their MATTs squared away; if they can't be bothered turning up on the training days/weekends these are scheduled for, it's their own fault.
  14. 1. Absolutely right. It is the individual's responsibility to ensure they complete their MATTs during the training year. The incentive is there £1500 worth of incentive.

    2. Units also get assessed on the number of personnel qualify for bounty and this reflects on the commanders; it is therefore in the commanders' interests to ensure that as many as possible are given the opportunity and encouraged to complete MATTs.

    3. The mid year savings measures introduced this year have hit at all levels and this individual may have been on line to be further extended but has fallen foul of the cuts. Even without the mid year cuts he should not have relied on further extension past 117 days, however, and should have been advised of this.

    4. If the Bde recruiting team has a requirement for a soldier to be employed for over 117 days (he would have completed some 170 days by end of year) they should be looking at increasing the size of the team, employing someone on FTRS or reducing the commitment. No TA post should demand a commitment of over 80 days.

    5. Retention wise: 1 weekend on C1 training = £1500. Easy choice.
  15. I belive you from from same Bde, You should be aware of the several members of your Regt who regulally get 220 days on the Bde Team. promises at the start of the training year, should be kept for the duration of the year. Maybe you should propose to Bde that Recruiting team is expanded or taken on via FTRS. As to this individual , he turned up at camp for his CFT, ready to go.. NO SHOW from PTI.