Retention Positive Training - what is it?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wingletang, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. OK, so you are a Coy Comd/Sqn Comd and you want to build a team ethic in your unit. You believe that this is essential to maintaining the utility and relevance of your sub unit and that it will give you an edge as compared to other Units in your Battalion/Regiment/Bde.

    Someone you respect gives you some sage advice - 'it's all about 'getting the habit' he says; 'they've got to WANT to come in and when they do, the place has a real 'buzz' about it' he continued, 'after that you can do anything'. You set yourself to thinking about delivering a training programme that achieved just that.

    You checked the latest manual and it used the phrase, 'retention positive training' (RPT).

    So what would you do/arrange/plan/publish and how would you make it happen - by your physical presence, force of personality or CofC, or what?

    More MATT :roll: s?
  2. If you'd like more than 4 bods to turn up then be sure to include some sort of drinking beer style training. Also, ensure that it's not raining / no premiership matches being televised / no-one's birthday. It helps too if they can knock off before 1300 on a Sunday, but still get a days pay for it.
  3. I thought most people did? - maybe not.
  4. Sad but true, sad but true
  5. Now you are havving a giraffe
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Publish a long range drill night training programme (see attached) which fits around your weekend training.

    Make sure you have someone looking after the critical 'Post-CMSR - pre trade training' people, as these are very likely to leave.

    Give your SNCOs as much latitude as you can and remind them that you will be checking their lessons and reporting on them in their CRs.

    Include some interest lessons

    Be honest and upfront about the fact that some drill nights will not be exciting.

    Get instructors from other units to come and do a few lessons, in exchange for you doing a few for them.

    Ensure the bar is open afterwards.

    Then watch as Bde tasks overwhelm your capability to deliver as your PSI / SPSI /SNCOs / Offrs are dragged off on to other activities :(

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  7. My bold adds some other factors
  8. msr

    msr LE

    On the subject of MATTs:

    There is no reason why you cannot weave them into a credible scenario over a weekend on a training area and get some training value out of them too.

    If you present them as a series of lectures in a drafty drill (church?) hall, then they are going to be seen as a chore.

    Again, doing an instructor swap is easy and gives a fresh perspective on a subject, rather than 'Cpl X delivering the CBRN lecture again'.

    A little bit of creativity goes a long way and if you can't be creative, you can easily box off the lectures across a number of drill nights.

  9. Is that similiar to knocking off after lunch on a Friday or is it more like Wednesday afternoon sport?
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Please don't feed the troll
  11. msr

    msr LE

    I have also asked for a TA section on Vital Ground on Armynet, so when that is up and running we should be able to share more ideas in a slightly less public forum.

    And another thought: don't forget the training needs of the Offrs and SNCOs.

  12. Or make it an OBUA weekend.
  13. Yea that is something that is often forgotten although our Bn does hold study days/tewts for the officers and seniors with other arms and they are quite benificial just to see who brings what to the party

    Only thing that is missing in my training was the adj take away all the Junior officers and educate them on their duties MS, CR etc that the RMAS never taught
  14. That'll be the voice of someone unfortunate enough to be working with the TA then? Thought everything he said was true myself. Sad but true. By the way, I know who you are. Small world isn't it? See you on Oct 3rd!
  15. Speaking for myself I always remember I gained the greatest satisfaction and sense of personal achievement the harder the weekend training was. certainly fired me up for the next one.

    Over the years I noticed more increasingly 'soft' weekends and less real soldiering ( Matts Training as example). Which kind of defeated the reason I joined and certainly was one of the influencing factors why I left.

    But then again I am a salad dodging Pre SDR Beer swilling slacker.