Retention HA! what fcking retention.

Having signed off recently i was thinking of reasons why i had signed off in the first place, I didnt have to think long before senior personel within the armed forces put the icing and cherry on the cake. Having proved myself to my bosses that i could not be away from my house where my son and g/f live in rather unusual circumstances for safety reasons. They not only wanted me to leave home for 2 weeks putting my son at risk because my g/f is unwell and suffers from collapsing episodes but they ordered me to go on a journey that involved me being away from home at a distance of 3 hours which is not very practicle if anything should happen. "I am ordering you to do this job, If you refuse to do this then you will be charged and we will get the social services involved" were the exact words of a senior officer within my regiment. I personally find this completely unprofessional and damn right illegal what happened to the welfare service. Just for your info there were several people there that could have done this job but they insisted on sending me. I have 2 months left in the army surely something could have been worked out. If anyone can help me out here please feel free to email me.
See a solicitor. Human Rights issue...
You say you proved that you could not be away, but do not say how (presumably it involved AWS/doctors), and whether the arrangements were accepted by your chain of command. If you think that the officer was in the wrong you could redress him, although you will be long gone from the Army by the time it is dealt with.

However, the difficulty here seems to be more about personal/family circumstances and arrangements perhaps being ultimately incompatible with a military career. The nature of the employment is that it involves regular moves, periods away and flexibility, and it is probably unreasonable to expect to be exempt from these fundamental requirements other than on a temporary basis.
Im sorry to sound a little cold and by no means is this post meant to upset you Gf but pehaps its for the best that you're no longer in the forces if it didn't suit your families needs.

Good luck in civvy street and I hope everything comes good
unfortunately mate you've found out that the army doesn't revolve around peoples welfare issues ... maybe you're better off out of it.

good luck in whatever you do ... i'd advise against long distance lorry driver though :D

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