Retention Bonuses for AMS Pinch Point Trades

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, May 15, 2007.

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  1. I see that the AMS is dishing out retention bonuses of £20,000 for pinch point trades, as long as youre a QA that is.

    I keep forgeting that the RAMC is for doctors and the rest of us in the Corps are an inconvienience even if we are in operational pinch point trades. Cheers Louis!
  2. Which of the Gery Mafia are in line for increased pie buying power
  3. thr grim reality is that if proffessionaly qualified trades that are in high demand are not given an incentive then they will not join or wil vote with their feet and leave.

    we already have civilian nurses in iraq how long before the mod has to hire civilin odp, x ray and labs.
  4. sorry about the spelling above
    dont rip into me i cant handle it and will start to cry :oops: :cry:
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You didnt just have a visions of that new XK8, Dog?
  6. ITU nurses
    A&E nurses
    Scrub nurses but not the undermanned ODP trade are also an operational pinchpoint.
  7. No I shall stick to my Moggie Minor thanks
  8. I thought that the Scrub tarts were on the way out
  9. Well, sliced by a third, allegedly being phased out by DANS but given a stack of cash by the SG. When does anything this Army do make any sense?
  10. and..................
    Scrub nurses but not the undermanned ODP trade are also an operational pinchpoint.[/quote]

    if the ODPs are so short why dont they do what they've done before and draft in the Royal Scaley Backs to do that boring theatre job.. or even better I've heard there's lots of Ex Royal Irish lookin for work... :wink:
  11. Very dissapointed that the ODPs will not be given some cash but rather happy about my £20000. Beers on me, me thinks.
  12. jeeeeesus, what year was that? Ive only been involved in theatres for about 22 years so it must have been way before that
  13. So ODP becoming a pinch point trade has achieved what exactly, other than the square root of Fcuk all.
  14. And i dont mean financial gain, just consistantly no recognition of the state of the trade
  15. What do you mean 'no recognition'? Apart from money what else do you want, a hug? Something/one to play with? Bunting and a brass band everytime you walk into the room? :roll: