Retention Bonus

Don't get me wrong, any bonus or increase in cash is very much welcome, and soldiers always need as much of it as they can get.
But what about 'orficers'?
I noted in the recent MOD release that the allowance was going to ORs & JNCOs at @ the 4 and 8 year points (ish - I don't have it in front of me and my memory is p*sh after all those jolly good dinner nights!), SNCOs were ignored as were officers.
I believe SNCOs are deemed to have an adequate packege (REN Leave etc).......for now. The only mention of Officers was that there wasn't an issue with retention amongst officers in this bracket, so it wasn't an issue....
Now putting aside the detail, haven't we got something fundamentally wrong here? Last time I looked there was a hemorrhaging of officers at the mid to snr Captain level which was having a knock-on effect over time higher up the scale. (Isn't there a real retention issue here too?)
Why can't we start looking after our officers as well as our men, or does the stiff upper lip have to be maintained?
"Carry on, as you were!"
"Why certainly sir, what was I thinking about; treat me like sh*t, I don't mind, I'll soldier on; after all, I'm caught in the pension trap and there's no way out!"
Sorry if this sounds like an ungrateful rant; this new bonus is very welcomed, but rather obtusely implemented.
I'd love to reply to fartsac's post but found it impossible to read due to the animated avatar. Got about 3 words before being distracted so gave up.

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