Retention bonus for Avionics / Aircraft Techs?

Discussion in 'REME' started by maz01189, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Have just been told by a reasonably reliable source that as of 20th Sept 2007 Avionics and Aircraft trades have become pinch-point trades.

    On the basis that Booties and Crabs who fall into that trade group are currently receiving large (9-10K) retention bonuses and Sigs trades are also rumoured to be receiving the same sort of thing are we next?

    As there seems to be quite a few people signing off or seriously considering it, will we get the same thing coming our way?

    Any info?
  2. Can't speak for booties, but it's bollox that any aircraft trade in the RAF is getting a retention bonus at the moment.

    That 'honour' seems to be reserved for rocks, firemen and pilots. Bastards.
  3. We have been a pinch point trade for a while now. All i have seen is the shit off the bottom pay 2000 shoes.

    However good luck to all that get any financial bonus.

    The more money in the tech's pocket, the more that will fall on the ground when he is suspended in the air.
  4. may have become a pinch point trade because for the last 10 years people have been spun a yarn about the trades!!!!!!

    Truth comes out in the end

    Any trade that celebrates wearing another corps embelishment (light blue beret) deserves to fail!!!!!! get with the program!! :x

    About time peple were told the truth about their careers
  5. Exactamundo arse90. How many guys at SEME or Land systems SEAE get a blue/grey/green/black beret parade when they finish because of their first posting? Nil. Yet we do it for av and aircraft techs. What happens when they go to 32 RA? Do they have a dark blue beret parade?

    wake up and smell the coffee, you are REME not AAC
  6. What are you two wittering on about? Ac and Av techs work exclusively with AAC units as their core employment - they don't have any choice in the colour of the beret. Steam REME (which I'm assuming you both are) also wear it when attached to the AAC. Or am I missing something subliminal in your posts?
  7. My point is that when guys finish their basic Av or Aircraft tech course, the big thing is their "blue beret parade". Not the fact that they have passed their course or have become JNCO's (if they have). I don't think this fosters Esprit de Corps.

    (but apologies if offence has occurred, I was a bit piddly when I wrote that last night)
  8. Stained Eligius

    Avn trades don't now work exclusively for AAC units, 32 RA being the prime example. I think that was Sparky's point
  9. It really annoys me when people rattle on about retention bonus's and start whinging on about people signing off, you are not the be all and end all, the Army WILL function without you, if you dont like pack your kit and get out, simple.
  10. Well, no, you're wrong. The whole purpose of these retention bonuses and schemes is to stem a flood of people signing off and reducing the knowledge and ability base in specific areas. At the moment the REME and others are losing quite a large number of people and this retention scheme will (hopefully) prevent the flood.

    And yes, if lots and lots of blackies/greenies sign off, then the AAC will grind to a halt in Afghan/Iraq - and then where would you be?
  11. I am sorry to pour cold water on your idea but VMs and Recy Mechs have been pinch-point trades for years and I haven't noticed any bonuses for them!

    A couple of years ago, IIRC, the AFPRB argued that pilots should receive a retention bonus because of the pull from Easyjet etc and the huge cost of training their replacements. The bonus didn't stop a friend from quitting and joining Virgin - where he is now very happy!

    We can all dream of a bonus, though!

  12. There is an ongoing attempt by the Corps to get a retention incentive past the MOD budget holders for VM JNCOs.

    Whether the beancounters will agree to it is another matter, given the state of the defence budget :(
  13. I agree with ARRSE90 and Sparky8 on this issue :wink:

    If you want to wear another Corp's light blue lid then join the AAC!! :p
  14. Ive heard through the grape vine this is happening pretty rapid and heard in the region of about 7K at around the 6-8 year point for trades, more news to follow.

    What about giving us old crusty Artisans a nice little brucey bonus, even an electric wheelchair or stair lift would be better than sweet FA :wink:
  15. Yes, but in fairness I did say 'core employment' and that is with the AAC ;)

    I wore that beret for 24 years and I can't think of a better part of the Army to have worked with actually and wouldn't have had a problem with the aircraft trades going over to the AAC. Part of the deal though would have been to leave the organisation to us of course!