Retention again

Time for a bit of a rant from me!

Signed up in August last year, did the RSC and TAFS 1 and 2 with no problems. I booked part 1B and Part 1C then the Army decides that we all needed certain vaccinations before we can carry on training. So i get all that sorted with my GP then the Army decided we need another medical before we can do part 1B.
I fail the medical because my BP is too high so part 1B and 1C are cancelled. I see my own GP and after monitoring my BP for a week he says there is nothing wrong with me and writes to the Army to say i'm fit to train. Great thinks i so i send the letter in and they ring me to say yes, thats fine you can carry on. Part 1B and 1C are re booked. Then two weeks before the start of 1B the lady from the office rings to say that i must have the MeninC vaccination and i must have it at least ten days before attending training again. Now the reason i didn't have it with the last lot of jabs is becasue the form says that only soldiers under 25 must have it. I'm 41 but the powers the be have changed their minds on that one and everyone has got to have it.
So, what with my GP being closed for four days over easter plus the fact that they dont't keep it in stock I havent been able to get it done. So Part 1B and 1C get cancelled yet again. There are no more free places on part1 B till the end of the year.

So my promised 12 months initial training period is looking more like its going to take two years, I've missed my bounty this year, work are pissed off with me becasue i've been booking and cancelling holidays plus taking mornings off to see my GP and we still haven't been paid since August last year!

I'm going to have a lie down now!!
Sounds like you need to talk to the Padre
Welcome to the TA. Talking to the Padre sounds like a good idea.

Also, how close do you live from where you would be doing your 1b and 1c? If you are not that far then you can do what I did. Your PSI can call them (the ATR) and say ' Pte Rockhopper lives 30mins away, if any one doesn't turn up he can be there super fast etc'

Might not work with the work commitments and all that though, but its worth a shot.

Good luck, and don't worry about complaining! Let them know that you feel let down. It may not help, but it can't hurt.

T c
Cheers guys. I know that there are often people missing on courses and last minute free places turn up so that is certainly an option.

Part of the problem i suspect is that i'm in a specialist unit so we have very little contact with them (at this stage anyhow). The admin people are only there two days a week as it is, phones are never answered and emails normally take quite a few days.
I can relate to everything you have said. Believe me, you are not alone in suffering at the hands of the 'system.' I can only encourage you to keep going and stick with it. Once you're in, you'll be pleased you did. All the best.
170 (Infra sp) Engr Gp RE, its handy for me becasue they are based at Chilwell which is only twenty minutes away from here. Having said that though until i get my MOD90 i won't be going in very often!

i think i'm too old to join an independant unit.
Blimey, thats the unit that wrote to me asking to join as I work in telecoms core networks. I did not find it amusing at the time as I live 200 miles away and requested local units. I still think there is a move by the MoD to turn the TA into specialist units only. Given that they are an infrastructure organisation, you would think that they would have a good enough infrastructure to support the toms :wink:
best thing to do is ring the CO ,and tell him to switch on and get his shit squared away as its pissing you off, but seriously thats the TA
On the RSC weeked with me there were two guys who had flown down from Aberdeen and another from Darmoor so they will take almost anyone. With the comittment only being a 15 day camp and 2 MATTS weekends a year i guess its not such a big deal. Still a significant expense to the tax payer though.
Use your chain of command to sort this one out.

But I hope yours is better than mine. I've had a major issue to sort out over the last year, and my chain of command has just ignored it altogether. No communication with me. Nothing. The only reason it's sorted is due to another Govt Office intervening on my behalf.

Good luck.

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