Discussion in 'Officers' started by maninblack, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Can anyone confirm the actual regulation regarding the use of a rank as a title after retirement? Is it a regulation or is it a tradition?

    I have tried getting an answer from the various official channels (purely because I am a spotter and like to know these things) without getting a straight answer.

    Also, how do people feel about it?
  2. Well a retired colonel still works with north west recruiting, Colonel (retd) his name then MC.

    A. Still Sir
    B. Still Colonel

    If youve earnt the rank and the respect, surely its your until you die. I dont think anyone would argue with that.
  3. Far as I remember it used to be only those of "field rank" i.e. Maj and above. But i could be wrong on that one!!
  4. As far as I am aware you can continue to use your rank when retired from Captain upwards.

    Maj retired reminds me of the old bloke from fawlty towers, i wouldn't use it unless I was Lt Col or above and quite crusty.

    Hope this helps

    Ocdt Retired
  5. Retired to the Retired List? There's a thing! :roll:

    There are not many junior officers on Retired Lists it so it sounds vainglorious (and meaningless to many) to be calling yourself Sub Lieutenant Humphery Bumphery RN Rtd when you are twenty five and selling insurance in your second career.

    Senior Officer? Been there, seen it and designed the T Shirt.....and big eyebrows? Carry on Sir!

    I posted a dit about ratings and other ranks being accorded their rank outside.


  6. After WWII there where somany Officers around that the use of title after retirement fell out of use. Now Officers of the Rank of Maj and abouve may call them selves by there rank. but it is considderd as not realy the done think below the rank of Col.

    If your 2nd job is in the Civil Sirvice eg. x Officer Job then you may use your rank with retd after it. if you are required to turn up in Uniform you where your rank but with an R on the sholder where your reqimentel inishals where.
  7. There are some notable Captains who have preferred to use the title: -

    Captain Mark Phillips (Three-day Eventing)

    Captain Keith Brown (the starter to the infamous Grand National that never was)

    Captain Ronnie Wallace (since deceased and was a famous Master of Foxhounds)

    Captain (acting Major) James Hewitt (ahem!)
  8. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    The only 'captains' you should meet in civvy street are RN. It's just not done for army chaps, but some doubtful chaps have... see above! I think one of the comedic devices of Are You Being Served was the insistence of "Captain" Peacock on the use of his title, the inference being that if he had known any better, he would not be working where he was.

    I was under the impression that the correct form for retd.officers was:

    Major John Doe Blankshires (Retd.); i.e., retaining the regt/corps etc title with the Retd. in brackets afterwards.
  9. PF is right in both points.

    also (don't quote me on this) I think that the whole rule about who can and can't use rank after leaving is more of a what is and isn't done rather than what can and cann't be done.
  10. Was Capt Peacock not found to be a bluffer in one episode, having actually been a Corporal?
  11. ViroBono,

    yep Series 7 Episode 1 called "The Junior"

    "One of Captain Peacock's old Army colleagues applies for a job in the Men's Ready-to-Wear department. Captain Peacock has to deal with a spot of blackmail. "

    Sad aren't I?
  12. It is an honour....

    Major Alisatair Ross (KRH Fame) was stripped of the right to have (retd) after his name when he was cruelly and unfairly allowed to retire with his full pension......
  13. The use of (Retd) after a rank should only be used if working in a military environment to provide a clear distinction between serving officers and those no longer serving. Elsewhere you refer to your rank as before.

    The days of retired officers using their rank in civvy street went into demise when because of security reasons and the IRA threat they were discouraged from using military rank on civvy addresses.

    If you are retired and wish to be called by your former rank then I do not think there is anything to stop you. There is however a little known law that makes it an offence to impersonate a soldier (sailor/airman) so you can't just pretend you were once in the services.

    Nothing to stop NCOs etc from using their previous rank - in the old days it was presumably a class thing that only officers did it.