Retards on TV---- tw@watch UK

Jut notiecd the sheer amount of spazzers there are on adverts these days.
Particularly the new blockbuster advert- the bloke looks like a window licking mulletted spazmoid who needs to hire videos coz he has no friends and therefore must tommy tank himself to death

anyone else seen any other prize morons on tv lately?
Yeah we have a advert down here in NZ at the moment of this mong throwing a ball around, advertidsing the special olympics that are ment to going on soon.

have also just found out apparently they also do a winter special olympics!!

Can you imagine some spakker MLLLAAAAARRRRrrring down the cresta run??

Or Some down hill skiing, Jessh they would never get off the ski lift, due to having there tongues frozen to the metal on the seats!!
after all the talk of spazmos on here lately , i nearly prolapsed with laughter watching south park the other night , when timmy told the lads he was entering the "special" olympics , after it had been explained to the lads what it was , cartmans comment was
"dude , that's sweet , fancy all these retards doing that for our entertainment" :D

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