Retaking barb?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jegb, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I'm going gunner crewman but only got 45 on my Barb, I would like to be in observation and so would need to retake my barb. I got a letter with ADSC date last week, is it too late to retake my BARB? Could i possibly re start my application if it is too late?
  2. Your best bet is to phone up/go and see your recruiter, and see what they say.
  3. As of the new recruitment process, you do a BARB test at ADSC as well.
  4. I've been going through the application process since January and my selection is in May, would I get to redo it then or is that just for people starting applications from now on.
  5. Why on earth do we need to do another barb test?
  6. Maybe so you can't just guess and get lucky?
  7. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    You can no longer do BARB tests at the ACIO/AFCO
  8. How would this work at ADSC seeing as I have all ready done it, would I be able to re do it?
  9. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Not a 100% sure but I would say that it is doubtful. Nobody attending ADSC that soon will have gone through the new system so you will probably be attending ADSC as one of the last fron 'the old system' so no BARB there.

    If I were your recruiter my main concern would be why the change of trade now. You have obviously done Int 2 and 3 and told the recruiter and senior recruiter that you want the job of Gunner Crewman. If it isn't what you want why haven't you re-done the BARB earlier.

    I wouldn't withdraw and try to re-start your applicatoion either. The online system will not allow you to re-apply for 12 months after an application has been completed (entrant, withdrawn or rejected)
  10. I would like to do observation post, you join as a gunner crewman this needs 38, but if you get under 46 your really limited as to what you can do, I only found this out on Thursday. Over 38 but under 46 is limited to logistics, AS90 and light gun.
  11. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    I know the BARB requirements and that should have all been explained to you by the recruiters. Even if you got over 46 you would be assessed during Phase 1 training. Eevn if you thought you were going in as a certain trade within the RA they may not offer it to you at Phase 2, they will tell you what you can attempt. Not everyone is cut out for the jobs they think they can do.
  12. I know, but it's more choice as well, rather than just 3.
  13. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Why have you gone through the process accepting a job you don't really want? There are a load of other jobs out there that you can do with a BARB score of 45 or have you only picked RA jobs?
  14. Gunner, tankie, household cav are my choices, but I really would like to go RA in one of the more demanding roles, I don't mind waiting over a year because I'm going to be in at least 4 times that.
  15. I wasn't aware I would be so limited, no one told me.