Retaining Rank from Regulars

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pilgrimfather, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Morning guys,

    Quick question.

    I left the regulars last year and joined the TA in April this year. I was told that in order to get my regular rank back I would have to do a trade course.

    Someone has now told me that I should have kept my substansive rank and would have a couple of years to complete a trade course.

    Really quite annoyed as I've been recieving NERP for the last four months now when should have been getting paid what I was in the regulars. The pay doesn't bother me that much as it's a hobby I enjoy now, but hate losing what I worked hard to get in the first place!

    Is anyone able to shed any light on this please?

    PS. Sorry if this has been answered before, I did have look but couldn't find anything!
  2. Depends what role you are looking to go in to if its what you trained for in the Regs it is up to 2 years afterwards you have to apply

    If its a not the role you go in to you may go in with a caveat that you have to complete a certain course for that cap badge.

    i.e a non Inf Cpl joining a TA Inf Regt would have to complete SCTC

    If its after 3 years you may come in at a lower rank
  3. I left 2 years ago, joined TA last year at the same rank and on the same increment level as well. Took a while to sort out the increment level but when it did eventually get sorted I got a wad of back pay.
  4. Thats the one thing I failed to mention it can be a frigging nightmare getting sorted and your PSAO will have to be on the ball with it and keep on at APC Glasgow
  5. Cheers for the responses guys, think I'll have a chat with the PSAO about it. Would like to retain the rank and increment level, just have to find out where it's written down so I have something to back it up with!
  6. I think the other point worth mentioning is that you are generally entitled to keep your trades from Regs providing no more than 2 years have lapsed between leaving reg and joining TA. Sometimes a case can be made for an extension - i think. If your CEQ is from a different arm you will have two years after enlistment in the TA to qualify for the new Arm trade appropriate to your rank.