Retaining my army quarter

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by leedamians, May 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi there

    Looking for advice on retaining my army quarter
    I have spoke to DHE and they have said no chance as I have no welfare issues,schooling issues etc.
    I have 14 months left in when I leave my present post if I add resettlement,termination leave, owed leave etc it means I'm only going to be at my next post for 8-9 months.I have been told that i will need to move my family lock stock to my next post though the area we are at now is the area we will be settling in.
    My wife works,so does my oldest son and daughter is in nursery.
    Can anyone advise on the best course of action
    Cheers in advance
  2. AFF

    Q. What is retention?
    A. Retention is to remain at SFA at a previous duty station after the entitlement has ceased; it is an extension of the entitlement for the family to remain. Requests for retention need to be made via a retention request form available from the local housing office.
    Q. What is retention given for?
    A. Retention is available if applicants meet the criteria which broadly speaking is as follows:
    Short notice postings: less than 6 weeks notice for up to 3 months retention, less than 3 months notice for up to 1 month
    Non-availability of SFA: where no SFA is available at new post, retention will be granted for up to 28 days
    Unaccompanied tours: where the service person is posted overseas and no SFA is offered, retention will be available for the duration
    Education: where a child is at critical examination stages, retention is admissible between four months and a year depending on the case. Application must be supported by an Impact Statement from CEAS. Critical examination stages are public exams such as GCSEs, AS Levels and A Level. SATs are not regarded as critical examinations
    Special Needs/Welfare/Medical: where there are cases for consideration under this category, consultation will be required between the losing/gaining unit and welfare and medical professionals. A decision will be made on a case by case basis
    Short duration posting: where the forthcoming move is to be followed by another move within 11 months, retention until that time is admissible
    Q. How long will I get retention for?
    A. Retention is granted for a maximum of 12 months then subject to review. However, note the 28 day rule applying to non availability of SFA above.
    Retention overseas varies slightly; for cases overseas you are advised to contact or telephone AFF Central Office on 01980 615525.
  3. Without wanting to sound stupid, do they even need to know that you want to retain your SFA? I am under the impression that HICs do not know their arrse from their elbow....(if noone tells them, do they need to know?) I can imagine it may raise an issue with RESPOd etc but under Data protection and general un-joined upness I cannot see how the HIC would even know.

    Sensible answers gratefully receieved, (I am in a similar position and am planning on keeping quiet and pleading ignorance). By the time they find out it may take months for them to do much.
  4. I like the 28 days retention if no SFA is available at next duty station rule. I imagine they get the heavies to the door on day 29 and kick you onto the streets.
  5. Go see your SAAFA rep. There maybe local issues such as lack of housing etc so maybe just giving out the party line which SAAFA should be able to smooth out.

    Good luck.
  6. Its taken them two years to catch up to one of my buddies. They are only now in the process of sending letters etc and he is dragging it out until his next posting in a few months. The only time the system drops you in it is when you leave the army and the admin office informs them as part of the process. Other wise the only way they find out is by random sampling.

    Whole units move as has happened recently and despite the shortage of quarters half of the pads manage to retain their houses due to the clout of the CO. Nice one. Seems to one rule for one and one for others.

    Two options:

    1. Come clean and use the system to retain quarter including CO etc.

    2. Keep quiet it they may never find out but if they do it may be too late for them to move you and not much of a benefit to them.

    Best of luck
  7. You will need a house in 14 months anyway.... howabout... I don't know... let's push the boat out here.... buying a house for yourself?

    Or rent one you will live in.... then you do the last 8-9 months MUA?

    Seems like a good idea to me, and avoids alot of hassel.
  8. Bit of intrigue here especially when you look at leedamians previous topic and only other post....

  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    And don't forget you will also have to explain to the person posted in that can't get a house on your patch because you are retaining yours whilst serving elsewhere.
  10. Bootifull

    Is correct in everthing that he/she said. I deal with this on a daily bases as part of the housing providing system in Germany.

    It is slightly different in Germany as retention goes hand in hand with BFG status.
    Basically if you are not posted in Germany you are not entiteled to BFG facilities.
    Tax Free Shopping
    Medical & Dental Cover
    Driving a BFG Vehicle

    For retention of up to six months it is done at Garrison level for over that it is done via HQUKSC(G).

    Your situation is not unique and I have delt similar cases to yours and they have all been sucessful with the their applications.

    The Best peace of advice that I can give is to get your current CO and your future CO to write in support of your application, this normanly does the trick.

    The worse thing you can do is do nothing, very shortly HICs will have the ability to see who should be in their SFA on JPA and were I am in Germany Units must provide the H&CSO with monthly posting in/out plots.

    Good Luck
  11. Houseman, thanks for this tip......

    "very shortly HICs will have the ability to see who should be in their SFA on JPA and were I am in Germany Units must provide the H&CSO with monthly posting in/out plots."

    I have a question, surely this in contravention of the data protection act. After all HICs are not part of the CoC anymore so how can they access this info. Is this legal? In my expereince HICs are totally untrustworthy and inept on issues such as data handling and management of what is private info. What next, is JPA going to be passed to TV licensing?, social work departments, schools?
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My experience too. I would not confine it to areas of data handling - I found them to be useless across the board and more to the point their management give the impression that they could not give a t@ss.
  13. Yes. DE (HD) have had access to JPA for quite some time - perfectly legitimate (the key is in the 'D' part of 'DE') as they now have responsibility for raising/ceasing/amending accommodation charges for those occupying SFA.

    With regard to those in SFA without authority to retain. They are now known as 'cuckoos', for obvious reasons, and there is a strongly-supported initiative gathering pace to force them out the nest.
  14. I am not at all convinced that HICs are formally a part of the chain of command, Are they not a private body created by commercial organisations with the express aim of making profit (similar to MHS and Carillon PLC) My impression of HIC staff is that they are not even civil servants. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasnt the initial intention that they would be outside the system.

    Therefore, I'll be interested to know if they have data protection procedures that comply with the MOD or like the plethora of commerical vultures at the edge of the public sector provide a poor service, break rules and deny responsibility.

    Having seen their pee-poor performance during my last two moves (Warminster HIC...), I'll not be expecting them to come kicking my door down the moment my posting order comes through and I sit tight.